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Annotated Bibliography and Template

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Annotated Bibliography and Template


I have provided the three articles tell why they are scholarly articles, must use the annotated reference template list which I have provided for each article. Addiction counseling,substance abuse treatment is my topic because that is my field of study. I choose this field because I was on darugs crack coke cain over 10 days. I now have 4 years clean but I fail and fail down again but I got back up. I found God and it helped me burt I kept failing until I gort sick-and- tired of being sick-and-tiredplus I come farom a very spiricaltural family my grandfather was a pastor. I have a brother still on crack today and one who has been fighting to stay clean now for a year now. I pray for my family that they find what I found and it wasn`t easy, but I did it. Ansewer what is a scholarly article?. to get into my GCU university put in lc-grad2.gcu.edu username is dwilliams274 password is Bolton$60 that shoulc get into gcu. two pages in 10 days. I think I got everything. I think I got 4 cites with in text cites.Doris


( Introduction Treating drug abuse for adults in the criminal justice system offers a unique opportunity to minimize drug abuse and decrease related criminal behavior. If drug-abusing offenders are not treated, then that can be a missed opportunity, which could otherwise be used to enhance public safety and health. There is a need to integrate treatment into the criminal justice system as this would offer treatment to people who otherwise would not obtain it, enhancing their medical outcomes and minimize their re-incarceration rates. Efforts to ensure that drug abusers access treatment in the criminal justice system are important considerations. This paper examines three articles that focus on treating drug abuse for adults in the criminal justice system. First article Taleff, M. (2015). Addiction counselor turnover: what’s up? Counselor, 1(1), 28-29. Drug education is a major important service given to prisoners with the addiction or drug abuse problems. Counselors play a crucial role in providing interventions to prisoners with drug abuse problems. However, it is not a secret that that counseling field has experienced counselor turnover. Research shows that counselor turnover does not occur without consequences. Certain impacts include effects on client care and staff morale. There is a need


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