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An organization’s structure can have significant effects on its members. What might those effects be?

This paper concentrates on the primary theme of An organization’s structure can have significant effects on its members. What might those effects be? in which you have to explain and evaluate its intricate aspects in detail. In addition to this, this paper has been reviewed and purchased by most of the students hence; it has been rated 4.8 points on the scale of 5 points. Besides, the price of this paper starts from £ 40. For more details and full access to the paper, please refer to the site.

Organization`s Structure: Its Effects on Members


After finishing with the background page and readings, go to the following interview with Rosabeth Moss Kanter, who is a renowned Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, and an influential business advisor. Among other things, in this interview she talks about the evolution of changes in organizational structure in the past decades, and the link to employees’ well-being and functioning.

Required Reading

Both of the following articles can be found in the EBSCO Business Source Complete database.

Puffer, S. (2004) Changing organizational structures: An interview with Rosabeth Moss Kanter. Academy of Management Executive, 18(2).

The following article looks at changing organizational structures as open systems and the effect on managers.

Buhler, P. M. (2011). Changing organizational structures and their impact on managers. Supervision72(2), 24-26.


Write a 4- to 5-page critique answering the questions below.

  1. An organization’s structure can have significant effects on its members. What might those effects be? Analyze the behavioral implications of different organizational designs and use at least three examples, SAS being one of them.
  2. Is it possible to generalize and say that a certain structure is better than others? That is, is there a structure that is superior in terms of its effects on its members?

Keys to the Assignment

The key aspects of this assignment that should be covered in your paper are:

  • Define the problem: Explain the relationship between organizational structure and human behaviors.
  • Analyze the cause: Analyze how specific organizational designs can elicit predictable attitudes and motivations. Be sure to use SAS as one of your examples (refer back to Module 2).
  • Propose a solution: Take a position on Question 2 and defend it with references to the concepts in the readings in this module and any previous modules that you find relevant.
  • Extra credit will be given if you can relate your discussion to cultural differences (Module 1).

Running Head: ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Module 5 – Case Assignment Organizational Structure: Its Effects on Members Student Name: Professor Name: Submission Date: Organization’s Structure: Its Effects on Members Q1 Rosabeth Moss Kanter (1993) structural theory of human behavior in organizations suggest that an organization’s structure can have significant effects on its members. The three structures of Kanter`s theory are the structure of Power, structure of Opportunity, and Worker Effectiveness in the job. Kanter believes that the presence of Power and Opportunity in the work environment positively influences the Worker’s Effectiveness, that is, the employee`s investment in or withdrawal from the job as shown in the figure below. Figure 1. Kanter’s (1993) Structural theory of organizational behavior.  Kanter (1993) proposes that the structure of power and the structure of opportunity are factors that affect work effectiveness and productivity. Power is defined as the ability of the individual to accomplish goals and get a job done. She defines access to opportunity as prospects for challenge, reward and advancement. Moreover, according to Kanter (1993) and Brown and Kanter (1982), power affect one`s ability to access structures of opportunity and organizational p


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