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An Inventory of Your Attitudes and Beliefs About Ethical Issues

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An Inventory of Your Attitudes and Beliefs About Ethical Issues


Self-Inventory Summary--As a way to encourage you to think critically about the ACA Code of Ethics, the authors created a self-inventory to help you examine your reactions to many of the ethical issues that are addressed by the Code. This inventory is intended to promote critical thinking and to help you identify and assess your beliefs about ethical guidelines. Please respond to the following: Begin by taking the ACA Ethical Standards Casebook: “An Inventory of Your Attitudes and Beliefs About Ethical Issues,” located on pages 25-32. Then, to complete the remainder of the Project 4 assignment, compose a summary of the results of your self-assessment. REFERENCES: • ACA Ethical Standards Casebook https://mbsdirect.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781119025511/cfi/45!/4/[email protected]:0.00 IF YOU NEED USERNAME AND PASSWORD LET ME KNOW • Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals https://mycourses.excelsior.edu/bbcswebdav/pid-2874495-dt-content-rid-27344328_1/courses/BLA.SOC309.Online.201605.201606.s30042351/module_06/Ethical%20Standards%20for%20Human%20Services_m6.pdf Be sure to address all the following areas in your self-assessment summary: •Identify both your professional and personal strengths and weaknesses.. •Summarize how your results may affect your professional behavior in the future, either in a positive or negative manner.. •Provide examples of how personal values and beliefs might influence professional behavior.. •Formulate some strategies you may use to ensure that your personal beliefs and values will not interfere with your professional commitment to help others.. •Conclude with your thoughts concerning your participation in this self-assessment.. Finalize your summary (paper) so it is a polished academic discussion on the influence of personal attitudes and beliefs on ethical decision making. Your response should be between 3 to 5 pages, and should include a title page, be 12-font and double spaced. The title and references pages will not be considered as part of the page count for this assignment. Be sure to use APA style citation for citing any sources to support your claims. Use at least 3 references from within the past 6 years from journals or approved websites such as those of the US government, research organizations, universities, etc. Go to the EC Library website, (link on left bar of your course webpage) for help with references for your paper. Wikipedia, CliffsNotes and other study guide sites are not considered a valid source for references.


Self-assessment: an Inventory of Your Attitudes and Beliefs about Ethical Issues Name Course Instructor Date Professional and personal strengths and weaknesses There are strengths and weaknesses for professionals who encounter different scenarios and ethical dilemmas when working with clients. Flexibility and adaptability in any field improve professional practice, but ethics and legal considerations are taken into account. One of the most important strengths is the capacity to take into account ethical decision making regardless of the situations. Even when faced with ethical dilemmas the ability to recognize my limitations and the assumptions of clients has been valuable to enhancing professionalism (Herlihy & Corey, 2015). Having a professional identity that is separate from the individual identity means that it is possible to make a positive contribution, given that it is easier to point out what can be tolerated. Helping clients is a top priority in the counseling process, and I am more likely to discuss my feelings with the supervisors and colleagues. Open communication supports, the helping process to achieve the desired counseling goals. In a multicultural society, addressing the needs of diverse clients improves their welfare, while selecting ethical strategies. However, there is also a challenge to strike a balance between client preference and professional values when faced with value conflicts (Neukrug & Milliken, 2011). Counselors should ensure that th...

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