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An Internship at the Coca-Cola Company

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Module 1 SLP: An Internship at the Coca-Cola Company


Specific assignment for Module 1
Please read the following paper before you start working on the SLP paper.
Practical Management (2009, September 20) Functional versus divisional structure, http://www.practical-management.com/Organization-Development/Functional-Vs-Divisional-Structure.html
In this SLP paper, please describe the organizational structure of your organization; most individuals work in Functional Organizations but this may not be the case. Please state if you work in a functional, divisional or other type of organization (e.g., matrixed). Then you can discuss the following questions specifically:
Why do you think this structure is used in your organization?
If you work in a functional or divisional organization, do you see any evidence that effects and problems described in the article associated with your organization type?
If you work in a functional organization or divisional organization, how would you recommend reducing or eliminating the affects you just described?
If you don’t work in a function or divisional organization (for example a matrixed organization), describe your structure then some of the strengths or weakness of your organization. You can use the structure of the article above as a guide.


Business Processes Insert Name: Institutional Affiliation: Due Date: I recently did an internship at the Coca-Cola Company. Consequently, I learned many things regarding the organizational management and operations. The coca-cola company is a U.S based Multinational Corporation and marketer, retailer and manufacturer of non-alcoholic beverages. The company uses the divisional structure to enable the organization to act in response to changing trends taking place in the dynamic, unpredictable business environment and to stabilize its business operations. Coca-cola uses the divisional organizational structure for various ways. According to Morschett, Schramm-Klein, and Zentes (2015), the company is structurally divided regarding regional operations to customize or adapt particular activities of the organization’s operations to each local market. For example, one slogan or advertising campaign may not be suitable for another local market. Therefore, decisions regarding particular advertising campaigns are tailored to fit each local market. First, the divisional organizational structure enables regional managing directors to manage day-to-day activities. Secondly, the structure enables Executive Board of Directors (top management officials) to deal with managing strategic formulation and planning. The organization is a


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