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An annotated bibliography is a concise explanation of the resources with which you have become familiar, often constructed in a thematic manner.

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A book on relationships or intimacy that you would you like to engage throughout the semester. This book will be used for your final project in which you musically direct key advice/actions in the book. As indicated in the syllabus, you are to prepare an annotated bibliography to gather information for your final presentation. An annotated bibliography is a concise explanation of the resources with which you have become familiar, often constructed in a thematic manner. Your annotated bibliography should include ten (10) resources. Possible resources should include class reading and peer-reviewed articles, books, book chapters, newspaper articles, recordings, liner notes, and documentaries. You may NOT use websites for these entries. Your annotated bibliography submission should include the following components: Title and Topic (10 points total): The tentative final presentation title and a sentence describing the topic that the resources listed in your annotated bibliography are supporting. Ten Resource Entries (10 points total): Your annotated bibliography should include ten (10) entries, five (5) resources from our reading in class that support your presentation conceptually and five (5) resources that you have found to focus on you. Citation (10 points total): Each entry should include a proper citation of the resources using the Chicago Manual of Style. Description Length and Format 10 points total): The description in the entry should be 100 -150 words in length. The submission should be in size 12-font, no more than 1-inch margins, and the entries should be single-spaced. Description Content (60 points total): The entries should include the main argument and three key concepts that inform your analysis of your topic. Also, convey why the resource is useful for your project. For more information on annotated bibliographies, please consult this website: http://writingcenter.unc.edu/handouts/annotated-bibliographies/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Meme (With the same book from annotated bibliography) #MoneyPowerSexinMusicIU Relationship Meme Assignment The objective of the #MoneyPowerSexinMusic Relationship meme assignment is to begin synthesizing the connections between what popular culture has taught us about relating and the extent to which music research challenges or confirms these insights. Using a relationship book of your choice, you may craft twenty (20) original #MoneyPowerSexinMusic Relationship memes that fulfill the following criteria: Each meme must have #MoneyPowerSexinMusic and your name on it. Take (ten) 10 useful insights from your chosen relationship book and design one (1) meme per quote. Be sure to cite the author, title, edition, and year of the publication for EACH quote. (from the relationship book) Take (ten) 10 useful insights from the music research that we have explored in class and design one (1) meme per quote. Be sure to cite the author, chapter title, book title, and year of the publication for EACH quote. (from Suzanne Cusick, “On a Lesbian Relation with Music: A Serious Effort Not the Think Straight,” in Queering the Pitch Alan Sinfield, “Power” “Hip Hop Feminist” from That`s The Joint!: The Hip Hop Reader Wayne Koestenbaum, The Queen’s Throat, pp. 9-153 David Halperin, “Homosexuality’s Closet” Judith Halberstam, “Keeping Time with Lesbians on Ecstasy” bell hooks, “Is Paris Burning?” Judith Butler, “Gender is Burning: Questions of Appropriation and Subversion” Alisha Lola Jones, “Pole Dancing for Jesus”Terry Castle, “In Praise of Brigitte Fassbaender: Reflections on Diva-Worship” Elizabeth Wood, “Sapphonics,” in Queering the Pitch) An excellent project would place the relationship book advice in conversation with the music and performance research. For example, in what ways does the music research challenge ideas about pleasure, intimacy, and authentic/realness? Please make it in Power point form with meme &citation on each slide Class note “Money, Power, and Sex” is designed to examine the roles of gender and sexuality in musical performances from various music traditions. Our objective is to think and write critically about the ways in which performers’ identities influence their cultural transmission, production, reception, and distribution of music and sound. We will also consider the extent to which gender and sexuality are intersectional attributes that are conveyed and interpreted differently depending on the socio-cultural and economic context. Throughout the semester, we will listen to, view, attend, and analyze performances in an interdisciplinary manner, drawing on literature from ethnomusicology, musicology, performance, and gender studies to interpret the meanings musicians generate through multi-media presentations.

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