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American Government Paper Segment

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American Government Paper Segment

Writing Stage 2

Previously, you completed a research paper topic (RESEARCH PAPER TOPIC ATTACHED BELOW) that included a thesis statement, explanation, and outside sources for your research paper due at the end of this course.

Within this unit, we will continue with the research paper by creating a paper segment including the following:

1.) An introduction: Explain the purpose of your research paper in a brief paragraph.

Economic Issue: Explain the economic issue you selected.

2.) Level of Government: What level of government (local, state, or federal) is affected by this economic issue, and why?

3.) Analysis: Describe in detail the economic issue relating to the government level you chose for this paper. In this section, analyze your thesis statement.

4.) Conclusion: Summarize your research paper.

* Your paper segment must be a minimumofthreepagesinlength, not including the title and reference pages.

* You are required to use at leasttwooutsidesources.

*Remember this process is academic, so ensure the use of proper APA standards for formatting and citing/referencing.

Inequality: An Economic
Issue in the Federal Government

There are currently several economic
issues that the federal government continuously faces. These given problems span from economic
issues related to areas like education, polarization, inequality, and money in
politics. It is important to note, that
given economic problems, normally have a great significance in the General
Domestic Product of the federal government. Due to the federal implementation of various social
programs in the past, inequality has been a continuously increasing economic
issue the federal government has had to face. Furthermore, this paper will
discuss not only these social programs, but the many other issues related to
inequality that the federal government faces today as well (Meissner, 1977).

What is Inequality? About the economy,
inequality is the existing alteration in numerous economic well-beings amid
persons in a state or a given region.
Most of the time, it often entails a reference of income inequality. In the US, economic disparity has three level
of measurement. They include an individual’s consumption, basic salary, and the
general prosperity.

In the US, it is true that there exists
a broadening alteration amid the haves and the have-nots. It is an issue that follows the dwindling of
the middle-class individuals. Regarding
this, inequality has a great influence on the overall economic growth of the
US. For a long period, there has been
the uneven distribution of salaries in the US. From the span of the 1970s, a larger portion
of the state’s income often goes to wealthy class. It, therefore, leads to a lessening stability
among the citizens. The criteria as
mentioned above are evident in the measurement of income before taxes (Meissner,

Recent research indicates a comparison
of the income inequality in the US collectively with other advanced countries. However, there is an indication of relatively
high variation of inequality after taxes and given transfers. It is a sign that
after taxation process, the federal swings a significant amount of payment from
upper-income families. On the other
hand, there exists a reduction in income to minor income homes. Similarly, the same trend exists in the market
income inequality. It has an indication
on functioning families, where there occurs a high comparison of revenue
variation. It accompanies sensible levels of reallocation of resources. The similarities as mentioned above depicts
that the citizens of the US as a whole often swings from dependence on market
income. Instead, they majorly rely on
the income transfers in the subsequent lives than the other advanced states
(Cancian & Danziger, 2009).

Despite the demerits of inequality in the
US, one advantage is that it accelerates fairness to the federal government of
the US. Most of the economists point to
the fact that economic inequality is just to a given state than a nation that
experiences an equivalent general dissemination of fortune. The point of the argument is that free markets
often advance given economic inequalities unsurprisingly. Afterwards, there exists a requirement of
utmost exploitation of particular redistributive strategies. Given strategies involve progressive taxes. In general, this given point tries to explain
that in economic inequality, it often requires captivating resources from the
wealthy, and redistributing it to the poor (Meissner, 1977).

On the other hand, there occurs an
affiliation between income inequality and crime in the US. Economic inequality has resulted in in-depth
rates of crime. The scarcity of
resources and employment opportunities leads to the low-income earners top
indulge in criminal activities. Most of the youths in the US own arsenals that
comprise from daggers, guns, and other drug-related weapons. It also leads to the State experiencing
continuous crimes mostly from the teenagers. In conclusion, economic inequality gradually
leads to the depreciation of the economy of the federal government. It is an
issue that requires utmost responses to counter its effects (Cancian &
Danziger, 2009).


Cancian, M. & Danziger, S. (2009). Changing poverty, changing policies. New York, NY: Russell Sage Foundation.

Meissner, C. F. (1977). A commentary on selected economic issues facing
the world market economy: A staff
report to the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate
. Washington: U.S. G.P.O.

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