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Amateurism and College Sports

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Amateurism and College Sports


TYPE: Argumentative, problem-solution paper.

FORMAT: Typed, double-spaced. Please note special format for paper 5: All the bold items listed below should appear over corresponding material as paper section headings. Center and double-space labels. Use only the bold items as headings.

Section # Heading/Description Target Length

I. Abstract (of your paper) 1 paragraph

II. Hypothesis (your prediction) 1-3 sentences

III. Introduction 1-2 paragraphs

IV. Methods and Materials 1-2 sentences

V. Results

(A.) Results, Discussion

(1.) State the topic; 1-2 paragraphs

(2.) State the problem; 1-2 paragraphs

(3.) Demonstrate a

connection between

the topic and problem 1-2 paragraphs

(B.) Results, Conclusions

(1.) State your solution 1-2 paragraphs

(2.) State 2 objections to

your solution 1-2 paragraphs

(3.) Refute the 2 objections 1-2 paragraphs

VI. Conclusion 1 paragraph

VII. Works Cited Last page

SOURCES/CHECKLIST: Please use a total of 6 sources and observe the following guidelines:

___(1.) Use at least one but no more than 2 books.

___(2.) Use no more than 3 Internet sources (this does

not include journal articles from an on-line 

database like ProQuest).

___(3.) Use at least one journal article, electronic or

bound, but no more than 4 of either.

___(4.) Periodicals, interviews, and pamphlets are fine,


___(5.) You may use more than 6 sources.

___(6.) If you feel that an exception applies to you, please see me.

___(7.) If unsure as to whether a source is appropriate

or not, see me.

GUIDELINES (CHECKLIST): Your completed research paper should:

___(1.) Follow the prescribed format.*

___(2.) Make a clear and obvious statement of a problem;

___(3.) Make a clear and obvious statement of a solution;

___(4.) Anticipate 2 objections to a solution.

___(5.) Unify clear and obvious statements of both a

problem and solution with a concise, focused, and

controlling hypothesis.

___(6.) Use MLA documentation(Cf. Textbook: 640-662).

___(7.) Use an MLA works-cited page(Cf. Textbook: 662).

___(8.) Be approximately 3,000-4,000 words long.

GRADING CRITERIA: The Statewide “C” standard applies; additionally, I will focus on the following:

(1.) A close observance of prescribed paper format.*

(2.) A use of 6 appropriate sources (more voluntary but not


(3.) A use of MLA textual documentation (i.e., citations).

(4.) A use of MLA documentation on the works-cited page.

(5.) The use of a concise, focused, and controlling

Hypothesis statement (labeled hypothesis).

(6.) The use of a clear topic statement.

(7.) The use of a clear problem statement.

(8.) The use of a clear solution statement.

(9.) supported by 2 refutations of 2 objections.

(10.) The use of an effective conclusion.

(11.) The richness of your writing.

(12.) The depth of your writing.

(13.) A consistent avoidance of contractions.

(14.) A consistent avoidance of references to self.

(15.) A correct, consistent use of a formal tone via

an acceptable, academic register of English.

(16.) A relative freedom from errors in mechanics, grammar,

and spelling.

*NOTE: Any approved exceptions will be assessed

according to the best method for that work.

Student Name:Topic: Amateurism and College SportsTutor:Date:Amateurism and College SportsAbstractCollege sports are today a major business venture generating billions of dollars in revenue for both the college sports governing body the NCAA and the colleges and universities. However, the college athletes that work hard and sacrifice their time and effort that generate these revenues receive little or no share at all of the revenues this is all under the guise of amateurism. This has resulted into controversy and the problem regarding whether college athletes should be paid. This paper is a problem solution argumentative essay and, therefore, provides insight into the problem and provides a solution to the existing controversy.HypothesisCollege athletes give their best in practice, and the games hence are the ones responsible for generating the large amounts of revenue that comes from college sports today. In addition, the scholarships they are provided do not cater for all their needs and just like other students they have extra needs and; therefore, they should be paid.IntroductionThe NCAA is a voluntary body that comprises of an association of approximately 1,200 colleges and universities and among the purposes of the association is the promotion of amateur athletics. This purpose is even included at the end of its Division 1 Manual where it highlights the aim is to initiate and improve the programs of intercollegiate athletics for the student-athletes and promote the participation in athletics as a recreational activity (McCormick and McCormick 72-73). Despite this, the prominence of this assertion the body has not realized this idea for the college athletes in today’s lucrative college sports. The NCAA coined the term ‘student-athlete’ to describe the young athletes in colleges and universities a term that has been used for the last fifty years. The characterization of college athletes as ‘student-athletes’ has today reached fever pitch. The NCAA insists that these young men are gaining some valuable life lessons when they engage in intercollegiate athletics. Therefore, they are just student-athletes and not athletes (McCormick and McCormick 73). Characterizing athletes as ‘student-athletes’ allows the NCAA to obscure the legal reality that these students are actual athletes and, in fact, employees. The creation and fostering that these college athletes are not employees allows the institution, universities, and colleges to obtain substantial pecuniary gains and other related benefits. These come from the athletes’ talents, time, energy, and effort – their labor – while they curtail costs associated with the labor. This has enabled the NCAA and its associates to reap a fantastic surfeit of riches (McCormick and McCormick 74).Modern sports have today shifted from the common fun and games into a more serious business venture. This is observable not on...

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