Jul 22, 2017

Affluenza Discussion Paper

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Affluenza Discussion Paper


“The list of things and services we have come to depend upon on is endless. The American market system depends on our continued and increased consumption, so it does its best to make us want more, desire more, buy more, upgrade more, pollute more and waste more. . . . However, there is a price to pay for this uncontrolled consumption. Perhaps, we do not yet realize that everything we consume comes from the natural world; it is extracted, mined, farmed, grown, fished, [and] cut down, and the resources on this planet are limited. As we continue to consume at an ever increasing rate for the illusion of a "comfortable" life, the planet suffers from this over-extraction of resources -- forests, fish, soil, minerals, water -- resulting in degraded and collapsing ecosystems, habitats, and species. In addition, increased consumption creates increased pollution and waste, and the very essentials for life -- air, land, and water -- get more and more polluted and toxic.” -- Worldcentric.org Choose A or B. A. Discuss the effects of “affluenza” on the environment. Be sure to describe in detail the various types of pollution and environmental degradation that plague our world today. In your conclusion, offer any suggestions you may have for minimizing human impact on the environment. B. Discuss the strategies mentioned in Affluenza that are most effective in combating the “disease.” Give examples of organizations using them, and discuss why these groups are successful. (Discuss one strategy per body paragraph.) Please be sure to note the following requirements: • Approximately 3-4 handwritten pages • At least one quote per body paragraph (You may use Internet sources and “Cancer Alley” as well as Affluenza ) • At least 3 quotes from Affluenza • 3 NPAs – highlighted • 3 Concessives – highlighted • 3 Adjective Clauses – highlighted You will need to make a chart with quotations or paraphrases and an outline to be used with your Affluenza book on the exam day. Final Exam Packet 1. Final 2. Chart of Quotes/Paraphrases 3. Outline 4. Affluenza GW Discussion Questions (for next week)

Affluenza Discussion PaperStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:Affluenza Discussion PaperAffluenza is certainly present in the United States and other Western countries wherein the culture prides itself on financial success as well as possessions. In this paper, the effects of affluenza on the environment are discussed comprehensively. The various types of environmental degradation and pollution that plague the world today are described. Moreover, suggestions are offered for minimizing human impact on the environment.Effects of affluenza on the environmentAffluenza is understood as a social condition that arises from the desire of people to be more successful or wealthy. It is symptomatic of a culture which considers monetary success as one of the greatest accomplishments. The affluenza epidemic leads to the creation of a society that is affluent (Cheung, 2014). Affluenza causes individuals to want more than what they actually need, thereby resulting in substantial quantities of wastage. In the United States for instance, billions of dollars worth of food are thrown away and wasted each year because of the affluenza epidemic, and this has great impacts for the environment (Hamilton & Denis, 2011).There are various types of environmental degradation and pollution including air pollution, water pollution, land/soil pollution that arise due to the affluenza epidemic. (i) Air pollution: human activities bring about emissions of particulate matter as well as aerosols into the air. These substances could lead to discomfort or harm to ecosystems and humans. Outside air quality is largely impacted by methane, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, fine particles as well as volatile organic compounds. Some of these substances could actually react with the sunlight and thereby form ozone which consequently contributes to the formation of smog (Tyagi, 2010). Sources of emissions comprise agriculture, particularly livestock; internal combustion engines from trucks and cars; and burning of coal in power stations. Air pollution inc...

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