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Advertisement as a Form of Marketing Strategy

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Public Service Announcement (PSA): Advertisement as a Form of Marketing Strategy


Select a Public Service Announcement (PSA) or political advertisement that has not been covered in class for evaluation. This PSA or ad does not have to be current – you are more than welcome to take something that is a historical text. Using the course materials and readings covered so far this term evaluate how the ad or PSA is supposed to work on the audience: who specifically the text is trying to address, what methods they’re using to communicate the desired message to the audience and whether this approach is effective or not. Use your knowledge of the theories covered in class and the course readings to determine whether the PSA or ad accomplishes its goals (whatever those goals may be) and why.

Remember that we have to be able to find the PSA or ad to evaluate your paper. Be sure that, if it isn`t readily available on-line, there is a copy of the text included with your submission.

Read additional files and use the theories what is in the files.


Ad Analysis Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Introduction Advertisements are one form of marketing strategy that is employed by businesses. There are multiple reasons as to why businesses use this strategy to market their goods and or services. For some, it is about creating awareness of the existence of a product and or service. For others, it is about increasing sales by countering similar and equally competitive brands in the market. Regardless of the purpose for advertizing, advertisements tend to be tactical with an aim of maximizing their objective. When advertising, the real intention is to give customers a reason to purchase a product which they are otherwise not interested in or have no need for. The key element in any advertisement is the convincing and persuasive power (Shimp, 2013). It involves getting the money from the pockets of customers without any coercion. When designing an advert, one of the factors of consideration is the audience. The targeted people by the advert determine the particular strategy to be employed. An advertisement targeting the young people would not be similar to one targeting the elderly. It is also crucial to consider the perception, beliefs and taste of the audience (Shimp, 2013). The designer of an ad must question themselves, how will the audience perceive the advert the first time they look at it? These among other factors are key determinants of a successful advert. In this discussion we will explore ...

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