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Advertisement analysis

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Advertisement analysis

I am attaching a file that might helps to analyze advertisement. This file is given by prof First I want to say that this is to be a discussion of the ads themselves, not the campaign or the product. Students need to learn to \"read\" advertising as media literacy is not something that is taught in American schools. This is your opportunity to really take apart, or deconstruct, the details of an ad. 
Please think about a product, person, or service that you are interested in and then consider how this product is being advertised. I specifically want you to find a \"campaign\", which means an advertising effort found in several different media with several different advertisement executions (think Geico Gekko or Dove Real Beauty etc.). 
You need to locate at least 3 media utilized in one particular campaign (i.e., TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, internet, billboards, etc.). What I specifically am looking for is a very close reading of the details of the ads - by that I mean, consider the talent (who they are - is this the demographic? the aspirational buyer of this product? future buyers?); the mood of the ad, the set or location details, the lighting, the editing, the actual placement (if on TV, which programs and stations, if in print then what vehicles (look this up - the difference between a \"class\" and a \"vehicle\"), what is the competition doing (if there is competition), are there special effects? What about the photography and lighting? etc I really expect you to thoroughly look at each ad and discuss all of the components found within them. Remember, this is not a marketing analysis - this is a specific advertising study in which you are looking at the advertising. What is your opinion as to the efficacy of the effort in appealing to the targeted audience? A research component would be helpful to situate the product and internet sources will be accepted (so don\`t worry about library time). If you do use outside sources (and I do recommend that you do in order to inform your discussion), you must provide citations and a reference page. 
You must run your product, person or service by me BEFORE STARTING so that I can make certain you have selected an appropriate product. It can be a non-profit effort if you want. It can be a personality like Rachael Ray, or a favorite product or a political candidate. when the writer analyze adv need to be three different advertisement (i.e., TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, internet, billboards, etc.). under one campaign and looking for is a very close reading of the details of the ads who they are - is this the demographic? yes, all that information is already in the description and revision details is this the demographic? the aspirational buyer of this product? future buyers?); the mood of the ad, the set or location details, the lighting, the editing, the actual placement plus I need each adv image and video link if writer can find all three adv under this campaign i want him to use this adv campaign thewe are the helpfu; link I couldnt find print ad and other ad except video for this campaign The Republic of Color: Dominican Republic Television commercial – Taxi version People often dream about vacation in busy daily life. Since I am living in big and hectic city, sometimes I dream about vacation in beautiful nature. One of my classmates showed me this television commercial because she used to live in Dominican Republic so that she wanted to tell people about the country`s beautiful nature. The Dominican Republic is a nation on the island of Hispaniola, part of the Greater Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean region. This television commercial shows the beautiful nature and culture in Dominican Republic. This commercial starts with the scene we can always see in New York City. In busy hectic city, a man with suit tries to catch a taxi. Once he gets into taxi, the scene change to the beautiful field near ocean and he is driving a golf cart and enjoying golf on the beautiful green field. In addition, scenes change to ocean and beach. Moreover, last scene slightly shows the culture of people in Dominican Republic by showing how people are passionately enjoying dance at the evening. The commercial shows the phrase “The Republic of colors” and then “Dominican Republic [H]as it all”. These phrases carry the message this commercial represents. This commercial divides scenes by certain colors which are green, blue, gold and red. These colors represent the Dominican Republic`s traits with nature. Every scene shows scripts with beautiful matching color of nature. This commercial shows green field with “Go green,” blue ocean with “Out of the Blue,” city view with “Strike Gold,” and passionate night life scene with “Red carpet treatment”. Without these scripts, audience can recognize colors by each related color of nature. Moreover, this commercial communicates feelings and attitudes and a sense of the country without reading these scripts. In advertising, a great deal of the communication is done nonverbally. Background commercial music also communicates and carry message to audiences. This TV Commercial Music title is “Something Good” by Juan Luis Guerra. This song lyric is “something good has come into my life, I don`t know what it is, don`t know what it`s like, but I, I can feel it in my heart tonight, that something good has come into my life, something good is coming right away...” This Latin rhythm music makes audience to leave daily life and go to vacation. In addition, this lyric describes Dominican Republic as attractive vacation place. As music says, when people go to Dominican Republic, audience can find something good that make them happy. This television commercial is also is viewed in the taxi. This commercial`s target audiences are “belongers,” “emulators,” “achievers,” “I-Am-Me`s,” “experientials,” and “integrateds”. Since vacation in abroad is not cheap, “suvivors” and “sustainers” are not a suitable target audiences. Moreover, these target audiences tend to purchase product to meet their inner needs which is satisfied by vacation. This commercial can satisfy these target audience by dreaming about great vacation and fulfill inner need. When the commercial starts with the scene of busy hectic New York City, it appeals audience well because it portrays our common daily life. Vacations are just one way to fulfillment. According to the study, vacation is important to people`s mental and physical health. This television commercial fulfills people`s inner needs by let people dreaming about leaving regular life to beautiful vacation place. these are the description for the taxi ad I hope i can see these kind of description for each ad not explain campaing itself
Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Advertisement Analysis Social ad (internet): 2012 DR US Campaign- “Social` English The ad starts with a scene of a beautiful blue sky with a background of a huge ocean and a beautiful sandy beach. A large writing appears on the screen with the words ‘Dominican Republic has it All`. There is a couple holding hands while others are seen lying on some seats at the beach. Some baritone tone is heard in the advert saying that there is no need to go far to update your status. You also don`t have to limit yourself to 140 characters and checking-in means you are staying. In this ad, there are some beautiful rocks near the shore of an ocean with a scene of some green vegetation (Dominican Republic 3). There are people having fun near these vegetations and they are dressed in clean white clothes. The background voice continues to mention that it is time to be social and that, ‘Your ideal status is closer that you think`. The ad ends with a couple running along the sandy beach while ho...

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