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Advantage Of Support and Attacks

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Air Power: Advantage Of Support and Attacks


Was not really sure which subject area to select from the choices above, but this essay is on “Air Power Studies”. The number of sources does not have to be 8 (anything between 5 – 10). I hope the following info will be useful:

Using materials from readings (See Attached), lectures, and classroom discussions, answer the following question in an essay of no more than (4) double-spaced pages. Use 12-point, Times New Roman font, 1” margins all around. Be sure to support your answer with specific empirical evidence and examples from the course. Include full citation end-notes and bibliography (not included in page count)

Since the beginning of the 1960s, how has air-power been most effectively employed and why?

Your essay must be received by your course instructor no later than the start of your seminar on 23 November. Course Instructor will provide guidance for turn-in procedure.

See your course instructor for any questions relating to this exam.

Writing Considerations:

1. Thesis 

You must have a clear thesis preferably in your first paragraph. The thesis must be clear, arguable and answers the questions.

2. Organization

Write your essay in a logical pattern.

3. Argument and support.

4. Conclusion

Your conclusion must restate the thesis and summarize the argument.


Name Airpower Introduction Thesis: Without air power, most wars on the ground would be difficult to win. The advantage provided by air support and air attacks is accompanied by the element of surprise, making it an efficient way to claim victory in the battlefield. Air power can be referred to as the capability to manifest power from space and air in order to manipulate the conduct of the people or how events are being conducted. Air power is very important as it sends commands to those that are on the earth especially during war times. Moreover, air power is especially used when there is war in a country or between countries and the military is unable to settle the differences on ground1. Therefore, it can be regarded as one of the best tactics that are used by the military during periods of war. Also, countries with the best air power are regarded as classified among the super powers in the world. The Air force is one of the examples of the military forces that are used by the United States to enhance air power during war. Since 1960


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