Jan 17, 2018

According to Gossieaux and Moran, which of the following activities are seekers of the truth most likely to facilitate?

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1. Question

Defenders-of-belief communities facilitate activities like:

customer service functions.

manufacturing and operations.

inbound logistics.

sales and marketing.

Question 2. Question

If the content posted on a social networking site represents
reasonable criticism of the organization’s products or services, the best
response would most likely be to:

leave it.

edit it.

delete it.

report it.

Question 3. Question

According to Gossieaux and Moran, which of the following
activities are seekers of the truth most likely to facilitate?

Human resources




Question 4. Question

Which of the following is one of the principal means that
companies implementing Web 2.0 are most likely to use to attract viewers?

Controlled releases

Fixed product value

Free content

Fixed interface

Question 5. Question

According to Gossieaux and Moran, which of the following
observations is true about a hyper-social organization?

It uses social media in an
organization-centric manner.

It creates relationships in which only one of
the parties perceives and gains value.

It is characterized by a transformation of
thinking from market segments to tribes.

It is an organization that transitions from a
dynamic process to a structured one.

Question 6. Question

Which of the following is a risk associated with human
resources when using social media to form conclusions about employees?

Loss of
privacy of the employees

Loss of control over the employees

Decrease in efficiency of the evaluation

Possibility of error on the site

Question 7. Question

Which of the following is a significant risk of using social
media for inbound and outbound logistics?

Loss of control

Loss of credibility

Loss of privacy

Loss of effectiveness

Question 8. Question

According to Gossieaux and Moran, a(n) ________ is an
organization that uses social media to transform its interactions with
customers, employees, and partners into mutually satisfying relationships with
them and their communities.

SM application provider

hyper-social organization

Enterprise 2.0

nonprofit organization

Question 9. Question

When a student attends a business function for the purpose
of meeting people and reinforcing relationships, he or she is investing in his
or her:

human capital.

process capital.

social capital.

structural capital.

Question 10. Question

Which of the following components of McAfee’s Enterprise 2.0
Model involves the creation of enterprise content via blogs, wikis, discussion
groups, presentations, etc.?





Question 11. Question

The primary risk of peer-to-peer support in the context of
social media and customer service is:

loss of control.

loss of credibility.

lack of privacy.

increase in expenses.

Question 12. Question

________ is the use of information technology to support the
sharing of content among networks of users.

Social media

Content publishing



Question 13. Question

Being linked to a network of highly regarded contacts is a form

social credential.

viral marketing.


human capital.

Question 14. Question

Which of the following is an SM application provider?





Question 15. Question

Social capital, unlike traditional capital:

appreciates with time and never depreciates.

depreciates with time and never appreciates.

sometimes depreciates and at other times
appreciates with time.

remains constant with time.

Question 16. Question

Tasks in the ________ phase of the SDLC include building and
testing system components and converting users to the new system.

system definition

component design

system maintenance

system implementation

Question 17. Question

Which of the following can be represented using the Business
Process Modeling Notation?

Gantt charts

As-is models

Scatter plots

PERT charts showing the critical path

Question 18. Question

The situation where addition of resources creates
inefficiencies is known as:

diseconomies of scale.

marginal utility.

marginal returns.


Question 19. Question

In a Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) diagram, a
________ symbol represents an activity.

dotted arrow



solid arrow

Question 20. Question

A ________ is a sequence of activities that determine the
earliest date by which a project can be completed.

Venn diagram

Pareto chart

critical path

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