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A Small Deed Goes a Long Way

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A Small Deed Goes a Long Way


I cannot stress enough how very important it is to read and understand the attached files containing the papers critical instructions handout thoroughly. This is a CHALLENGING PAPER! Relate a real (or made up) experience from your life to Aesop`s Fables story. I have provided a story from the reading list within the attached files to be used. If you have access to Aesop`s Fables than you can choose any story from the reading list (also found in the attached files) that you like. I`m a white male American from grand island New York 22 years of age, single, with no kids. I have both my parents, one brother and one sister. The paper is to relate real life experience to the Asope`s Fables story therefore keep these details in mind so whatever you write isn`t an impossible characteristic or life experience for me. Aslong as these few specifications aren`t violated you can write whatever actual or fictional life experience that relates to the fable. SEE ATTATCHMENTS!! I forgot to say please do enough to make the have paper flow and use creativity to answer the paper requirements, but please write as an undergraduate student. Not like crap or anything I want well enough to earn a high score, but just nothing too fancy or graduate level over complications making it very hard to believe the essay was written by an undergraduate student. I mean I want you to do your thing don`t try to write bad or anything but just don`t be extra super fancy or anything either I guess is what I`m trying to say..


Student Name: Paper 3 Final Draft Eng. 102 Dr. Sharma 4/15/16 A Small Deed Goes a Long Way ‘Tenda wema nenda zako’ is a Swahili saying I learnt on tour last summer in Africa. The translation is do your good deed and go your way without expectation. The Lion and the Mouse (79). The saying seems simple but it holds unfathomable meaning. During last summer, I travelled to Africa, Kenya. The visit was quite enjoyable as I travelled through the country from the coast in the South to the desert in the Northern part of the country. The country lies on the Equator and the seasons, though affected by climate change, are friendly to tourists. It is


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