A manager has been asked to assess the requirements of road safety and driving for the company

A manager has been asked to assess the requirements of road safety and driving for the company



Instructions to candidates:


a) Time allowed: Three hours (plus an extra ten minutes’ reading time at the start – do not write anything during this time)

b) Answer any FIVE questions

c) All questions carry equal marks. Marks for each question are shown in [ ]


1. A manager has been asked to assess the requirements of road safety and driving for the company.


a) Accidents to the company are costly. Explain the benefits of managing road safety. [12]

b) Some drivers must drive abroad. Outline the legislation requirements for complying with hours of work and rest periods for driving. [8]


2. Electricity and electrical systems, although efficient and convenient, are a potentially hazardous method of transmitting and using energy.


a) Which legislation covers electricity? [2]

b) Discuss why maintenance is important to electrical systems. [10]

c) Outline why regular inspection of electrical equipment is important. [8]


3. The risk factors that can lead to the onset of work related musculoskeletal problems are caused by repetitive actions over a long duration, the application of significant force and unnatural postures.


a) Define the term ‘manual handling’. [3]

b) Describe some of the injuries caused by manual handling. [8]

c) Identify the topics that should be covered in a manual handling training session. [9]


4. Welfare encourages a healthy workplace. State the legislation that covers welfare facilities and briefly summarise the welfare arrangements that have to be provided. [20]


5. Asbestos is a hazardous substance and must be controlled.


a) State the TWO legislations that cover asbestos in the workplace and its removal from site. [4]

b) Explain what should happen if someone is accidently exposed to asbestos on a work site. [6]

c) Discuss briefly how an employer should dispose of asbestos. [10]


6. Outline the problems that an employer could encounter with employees abusing drugs, both recreational and prescribed, and the action that could be taken to prevent this. [20]


7. The risk of developing Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) depends on the frequency of vibration and the length of exposure.


a) Manufacturers must declare the vibration emission values for some machines and tools. Discuss why these valuations may be incorrect. [10]

b) Explain the measures that should be taken to reduce the risks associated with HAVS. [10]


8. Health hazards and health surveillance has to be managed by organisations.


a) Identify some of the health hazards that might be encountered on a construction site. [6]

b) Outline TWO effects on health that hazardous substances can have. [4]

c) Explain what measures a company can take in assessing exposure and health surveillance. [10]

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