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A Case of Exhaustive Documentation

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Salvo et al: A Case of Exhaustive Documentation


Write an organized response to Salvo et al.`s "A Case of Exhaustive Documentation." (in attachments) In your response, state the reading, the author(s)` argument, and the main points. Discuss what lessons you draw from the reading, why you think it is important and how it relates the subject matter of the course or other course concepts.

Your assertions about the reading should be properly supported by evidence from the reading. For example, if you think the argument is x, then explain what brought you to that conclusion. If I can see why you think something (i.e., if you provide me evidence of your thought process), I can give you credit even if you are incorrect about the reading. Your critical thinking is what is important, but I can only see it if you support your points.

Your response should be one-half to one page in length. Do not exceed two pages. You may have more to say so use the space wisely when you organize your response. One of the skills we are working on here (in addition to critical thinking) is writing concisely and effectively organizing your writing.

Only use quotations from the reading when absolutely necessary to support your claims. Refrain from excessive quotations. Summarize the material in your own words.

Be sure to review the rubric below.


Content: I am assessing your critical thinking skills, your ability to recognize and explain an argument and main points in relation to the readings, and your ability to connect the readings to larger contexts (e.g., your own work or career goals or social issues). Responses should demonstrate a critical engagement with the reading by grappling with the ideas and concepts. Your responses should be in your own words and not rely heavily on quotations. If quotations are absolutely necessary, they must be explicated and explained.

Your assertions about the reading should be properly supported by evidence from the reading. For example, if you think the argument is x, then explain what in the reading brought you to that conclusion.

Organization: Responses should have a clear and logical hierarchy of information or presentation of ideas.

Style and Diction: Responses should follow a clear and concise style. Appropriate diction.

Grammar and mechanics: Responses should be free of punctuation, grammatical, and spelling errors.


Salvo et al: A case of exhaustive documentation Name Course Instructor Date Salvo et al., (2007) in “A case of exhaustive documentation: Re-centering system-oriented organizations around user need” point out that Braun Corporation had developed a strong independence that had served the company right but failed to acknowledge the significance of emerging documentation procedures


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