Sample Physics Problems

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Sample Physics Problems

I am preparing for a physics examination. I have attached some past examination questions. Please explain me the solution to the attached questions in detail.

Here are some of the questions from the attachment. Please see the attachment for complete and all the questions.

21. A bat approaches an insect of wing span length d. The bat emits a sound wave. The bat detects the insect if the sound is reflected from the insect. When will the insect not be located?

22. A piano tuner strikes and holds down the key on a piano that should produce a sound of frequency 440 Hz. At the same time sounds a tuning fork that is known to have a frequency of 440 Hz. The resulting sound heard by the piano tuner fluctuates in loudness with a frequency of 2 Hz.

Which one of the following could be the frequency of the sound produced by the piano and the frequency of the sound heard by the piano tuner?

33. What is the description given to the ranges of the repulsive force and of the attractive force between protons in a nucleus?

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