Jul 27, 2017

Rural Crime Policing Among American Indians

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Rural Crime Policing Among American Indians


Please Note: DO NOT DO THE ABSTRACT PAGE as shown in the APA example paper The following are the only topics approved for this assignment. Please pick one: Identify and examine a successful community/police partnership or project somewhere in the U.S. that involved a marginalized group. Include the history, need and results of this successful partnership.

RURAL CRIME POLICING AMONG AMERICAN INDIANS(Your name)(Course instructor)(Course title)(Date of submission) Introduction The American Indians which are popularly referred as the Native Americans are among the American’s indigenous people which are found in states such as Hawahii and Alaska. Historically, they are the first people to inhabit America. Indian Americans consists of various other sub- tribes as well as ethnic groups. These group of people have a peculiar tie with US because they are sovereign and harbor treaty rights(Doyle, 2001). Despite the fact that many rural areas in America have a low rate of crime, this is different when it comes to the Indian Americans. Instead, this community is depicted by high crime rate, which is considered as the highest in the country. The main reason behind these phenomena as Sandefur et al (2006) notes is the aspect of under policing and complexity in social structures in Indian communities and reservations. The high crime rate and under policing among the American Indian communities is what prompted the development of Indian tribe policing project in the country. In essence, American Indians are literally among the under policed marginal groups in America. This is despite the increased crime rate in the country. Again, this pattern has gone on for almost a century with no significant intervention from the federal government. Further, the prevalence of high crime and the under policing among the Indian communities is a reflection of complex relations between the government of America and the Indian communities as people who are sovereign.This paper evaluates the rural tribe-policing project among American Indians. We examine the historical development of the Indian community policing in America and how it has shaped the present perspective of the social and the legal context of today’s American Indian security agencies. Additionally, we also assess the impact of this tribal police on law, security and order of this marginalized group. The Need for Tribal Police among the Native AmericansThe popular image in American rural areas are that of safety and being secure from criminal activities or many forms of violence. In most instances, American rural communities are mostly portrayed as being “homely” where there is no need for people locking doors since there are ”no criminals&...

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