Jul 24, 2017

Review of the Movie Glory by Edward Zwick

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Review of the Movie Glory by Edward Zwick


I need another essay based on the same topic but different. I will attach a sheet as to what I want. The first one you did was great but now we are making it a bit more specific

NameInstructorSubjectDateReview of the Movie “Glory” by Edward ZwickThe movie “Glory,” is about the operation of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in the Battle of Antietam, one of the first black combat units to be enlisted into the Union army during the American Civil War. The movie portrays the attitudes of Whites toward Blacks, especially with regards to how they viewed them as inferior and unsuited for combat duties. This is seen from the tendency to assign black soldiers non-combative duties and reluctance to induct them as active soldiers. However, against all expectations, the 54th Infantry proved their discipline and throughout their engagement in the war, which culminated in the bloody assault on Fort Wagner. Despite the many casualties suffered in the Fort Wagner siege, the black soldiers’ self-sacrifice proved that they were dedicated soldiers committed to self-liberation from slavery. In this regard, besides the portrayal of subtle racism directed at African-Americans, “Glory” is also a celebration of the courage and self-sacrifice of the first soldiers who fought in the civil war. Colonel Shaw is the leader of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in the civil war. Although he is white, Shaw decides to fight for the cause of the black people’s liberation. Throughout the movie, he portrays strong leadership qualities as he tries to instill discipline in his troops, provide them with military supplies, as well as fight alongside them. Corporal Thomas Searle was a black freeman who volunteered to fight in the civil war. Although his status as a free man protected him from the oppression that slaves underwent, his voluntary participation in the war suggests the strong bond of brotherhood among African-Americans. This is seen during the battle of Antietam, where he was among the first solders to charge through the walls of Fort Wagner despite the heavy enemy fire directed at them. In addition, he saves Trip and refuses to go home even after getting wounded, which earns him the former slave’s respect. However, his frequent clashes with Private Trip also showed the suspicions that enslaved blacks had ...

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