Jul 24, 2017

Research hypotheses and sampling design

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Research hypotheses and sampling design


need and "Introduction" for the following: In our evaluation, we compared three studies: a survey in reference to public perceptions regarding the onset of electronic health care, a study of quantitative research relevant to healthcare, and a look at the methodologies the Veteran’s Administration uses in their research. The first study discussed electronic health care in the United Kingdom. The second study discussed the necessity of quantitative research, and was of British origin. The third study was focused on the Veteran’s Administration, and their work to continuously improve outcomes. Sample selection for the first was random, based on patients entering selected waiting rooms. The second study focused on randomized controlled trials and mostly quantitative methods, including confidence intervals and power calculations. The research design models were all constructed via computer, samples selected randomly. The third study was based on patients requiring surgical services from the Veterans’ Administration. That study evaluated the Veterans’ Administration and their current methods for research, evaluation, and treatment for their population. The article was discussed some of the challenges of the VA (such as being understaffed, with heavy caseloads) and made the point that these actually contribute to the training and development of medical staff; duties that might be performed by staff in other hospitals must be performed by doctors; this makes them more aware of proper procedure. The research design modules were set up under the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program to capture and record adverse conditions for ongoing improvement of outcomes. This system compares the performance of all VA hospitals across the spectrum. At each hospital, the data is collected by a clinical nurse reviewer who’s been trained. The data is then entered into a software model, the VA’s national system. Data is edited for missing data or inconsistencies. The data is then entered into the NQSIP master file and evaluated using logistic regression analysis. Risk management models are then developed to determine the probability of death or complication thirty days out of the hospital. The anomaly is the preoperative risk factors the patient may present. RESEARCH AND SAMPLING DESIGN CONTRAST The three programs differed in terms of the outcomes. A similarity of all studies is that the designs are computer based. The studies are set up and the questions administered; the calculations are done using computer. The samples are selected based on the population where the surveys are collected; they select the individuals based on location. In the first sample, they pulled individuals from the clinics in the United Kingdom. In the second sample, the information was selected randomly. In the third sample, the population again was selected by those necessitating services at the Veteran’s Administration

Research hypotheses and sampling designName:Institution:Date:The acceptability of health care treatment approaches are dependent on the public perception of the approach. Therefore, introduction of a new approach requires that quantitative methods of research are conducted to determine how well it will be accepted in the existing market. Electronic healthcare is a new approach in the treatment and therapy in the health system. Its ‘acceptability in the existing health care system is dependent on three factors that are: the public perception of the system, the prevailing conditions...

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