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Research analyzing

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Research analyzing


I need to analyze these questions We`ve asked 20 people(sample group) . you will faind the responses in the attached file with red color I want to analyze each question with a bar chart graph showing theanswers in percentage Finally, I want an abbreviation for responses and conclusion *********************************** we wount to know if UAE women are confidant buying from westren online shopping . Our hypothesis is that UAE women are confident using this websites >> now you have to compare the summary of the responses with our hypothesis and see if it support us or not ********************* i need the excel file with all charts (it is important for me )



Confidence of UAE women regarding online shopping from western web sites       


  1. 1.       How often do you use western online shopping websites? (By YouGov Siraj and commissioned by GoNabit, online group buying website, Year 2011)


        Very often(1)














  1. 2.      What are the advantage(s) of online shopping?(you can select up to 3- advantages )


        Having comparison shopping  (1)


        Money-saving (5)


        Wide variety of brand choices  (14)


        24-hour accessibility (12)


        Getting latest product information (3)


        Convenience  (2)


        Time-saving (14)


        Other (3)



  1. 3.      What approximate maximum amount you  spend on a single online purchase:


        Less than 400 Dhr(7)


        401 - 800 Dhr(6)


        801 -  1200 Dhr(5)


        1201 -  1600 Dhr


        More than 1601 Dhr(2)




  1. 4.      What would you most likely to purchase online?


        Fashion, Clothing(12)





        Travel (airlines, car rentals, hotels) (5)


        Entertainment(DVDs, music and games )(2)

        Home Electronic


        Other (2)



  1. 5.      Western on line shopping web Sites designs are considered as user friendly




         Strongly disagree


         Strongly agree


  1. 6.      Do you think that bilingual (English and Arabic) is an important factor to you to select a website?




         Strongly disagree


         Strongly agree(7)








  1. 1.     

I use Online-shopping because:


I can quickly gather related information about products and services I wish to purchase 




         Strongly disagree


         Strongly agree(1)



Research AnalyzingNameInstitution Research AnalyzingIntroductionFollowing the emergence of online shopping among UAE women, a study was conducted to provide recommendations on the topic in question. This study was completed using questionnaires as the main tool for data collection. A sample of 20 UAE women was also used to make inference on the UAE women’s population. Seven questions were used to collect information on the different factors that influence online shopping among UAE women. It is notable that the Microsoft Excel software was an important tool for analyzing the collected data. The hypothesis for the study was that UAE women are confident of using western websites for making online transactions. What was the objective of the study? It is clear that the main objective for the study was to identify whether UAE women are confident of purchasing goods from Western websites. This paper analyses the collected data to confirm that UAE women are confident about purchasing goods from western websites using seven questions and seven graphs.Question oneThe first question that participants answered collected information on the frequency with which UAE women shop for goods online. The data revealed that: 50% of UAE women never shop for goods online, 25% rarely shop for goods online, 15 % sometimes shop for goods online, 5% often shop for goods online, and 5 % shop for goods online very often. This reveals that the use of internet shopping by UAE women is low owing to the truth that the percentage of women who never shop for goods online is 50%. Figure 1 below displays the percentage frequency of UAE women who use the internet for shopping.Question TwoThe second question required the study participants to fill information on the advantages of online shopping into the questionnaires. The main advantages for online shopping were listed before asking the study participants to fill in their responses on the advantages. These advantages include online shopping allows consumers to compare goods before purchasing them (1.85 percent); online shopping exposes consumers to a variety of brands (25.93 percent); online shopping exposes consumers to the latest marke...

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