Aug 04, 2017

Rescue missions in Hendersonville NC

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Rescue missions in Hendersonville NC

hello, im doing an informative essay on the rescue mission here in town. the reason i asked for 2 pages is because i wanted to know if you could make me an outline for this essay, that would be one of the pages , and the other page would be starting the essay for me. Im suppose to format the outline like this INTRODUCTION:Attention getter, credibility, audience relation,purpose statement, thesis, preview main ideas BODY: Main idea one A.1 .2 B.1 .2 Main idea two A.1 .2 B.1 .2 Conclusion: review of main ideas and a bang(wowing the audience or something) Some facts about this mission here is that in 2012 they served 52,370 meals, they sheltered 995 people, and the average stay was about 10 days, they counseled 4,210 people, and had 174 medical appointments. I\\\`m not picky but i would appreciate it dearly if this was wrote nicely so i wont be so lost on trying to finish it, Thank you so much, if you guys email me and i dont answer right away today thats because im at work. One source i was going to use was this lady by the name of Tami wilson,and the other source is a brochure, i dont know a third one yet. maybe idk. @
Rescue missions in Hendersonville NCNameCourseProfessorDateOutline 1 Introduction * What rescue missions does in Hendersonville NC * Targeted people * The number of people served in the past 12 months * The purpose of the essay * Thesis statement 2 Body main idea 1A .1 Restoration of Hopeless lives * Guidance and counseling * Life teachings2 Assistance extended to individuals to get to their feet * Job securing * Education opportunities * Securing shelterMain idea 2 * 1 Funding of rescue missions * Income generating projects * Donations2 Challenges faced * Funds limitations * Insufficient space to accommodate all people * Incorporating individualsConclusion * Review of the main ideas.Rescue missions in Hendersonville NCLife is unfair and that`s a despicable fact. If it were a little bit fair would we be having children sleeping hungry? Everyone would be having a shelter over their head. Jobs would be available and everyone would be able to fend for their needs. At times things seem devoid of all hope and the motto that life carries is only the strong survive. The truth is no one is strong and even the stro...

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