Re Evaluation of Pacific Community Programs

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6th November 2015

To Andrew Ellery,

Re Evaluation of Pacific Community Programs

I wish to express my interest in carrying out the evaluation of the above named projects. These are some of the programs that you presented to us. I have developed interest in these programs because they touch on issues that have long been my point of interest (access, education and employment) and are pertinent to my understanding of the Pacific Community. The aim of carrying out this evaluation is to equip me with project the evaluation skill while at the same time providing vital information on the success of this program.

This proposal presents background information about the desired program and literature review touching on the subject matter. It also presents the guiding objectives, approach to be used and ethical consideration that will be taken into consideration. Kindly see the below attached project evaluation proposal for your perusal. Thank you

Evaluation of Pacific Community Programs


Social and economic indicators reveals myriad of challenges that face Pacific, people, families and communities. These challenges range from high rate of domestic violence, inability to access social services, to having low level of education and unemployment. The level of support available to this community is divided and is not aligned efficiently to meet the needs of the community (Carr & Halvorsen, 2001). The community is currently marred by social issues that can be considered as “wicked problems’ which are made up of interrelated issues and dilemmas and different governance, economic and society levels. Given the instability of these problems, there exist no clear solutions given their complexity and the fact that they fall under different departments and organizations responsibility scopes. Mainly these challenges require overall change of behavior because the pose great challenges to the community’s organizational capacity, skills base and governance structure.

In the proposed research Community, conversations will be evaluated. These are programs that entail discussion between the Pacific community and change agents of various issues that affect them. Specifically the programs evaluated are those involving facilitation of changes in access, employment and education among the Pacific community. Various stakeholders have engaged this community in identifying the nature, cause and current state of these challenges in the process of coming up with solutions. The problems affecting Pacific Community affect all classes of people and thus assessing the solutions that address for problems through community participation is paramount. There is a need for further information about these programs in order to give their achievement and identify areas that need improvement. The main purpose of this evaluation is to look at effectiveness and adequacy this program in solving the wicked problems, assess the significance of solving problems and assess the solutions that address for problems within the Pacific Community through community participation.

The program priorities is represented diagrammatically in the figure 1.0 below


The program involves the following partner

This program responds to the Pacific Community’s access, education, and employment. This evaluation is vital, as it shall add to the existing knowledge on the existing……………………………

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