Purpose and Scope of the Marketing Brief

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 Purpose and Scope of the Marketing Brief: Safe and Sound Cribs


Section I. The Marketing Brief Introduction
This section will include the following elements:
1. Purpose and Scope of the Marketing Brief
This section briefly explains the product or service, the geographic areas in which it will be introduced, its time frame, and some of the functional areas that the plan covers. For example:
“The purpose of this marketing brief is to present an overview and analysis of the residential pet owners market of Bothell, Washington. After this analysis, this Marketing Brief will explain and recommend some key elements of a marketing plan for the introduction of the new Kwik Kitty pet care service in the Bothell area in June 2016. Kwik Kitty is…….. “
2. Limitations to the Marketing Brief
Explain any project limitations here e.g. unreliable sources, outdated data and the like. In some cases there are no such limitations.
3. Executive Summary 
Please see the textbook for ideas on how to develop and present this crucial section. It should summarize the key points of the brief in about 200-250 words. The company or product name and logo should also be presented here.
Section II: Marketing Situation Analysis
1. Market Research Methodology and Data
All teams will develop and use a Know n’ Act survey as their primary research methodology, and at least four secondary sources for their Marketing Briefs as follows:
Primary Research Methodology:
An early assignment in BUS 320 will have students develop and use a tool that assesses target customers’ awareness, interests and behavior. While the survey itself will constitute a written class assignment, the results (i.e. data) from the surveys will be presented in this Marketing Brief as the key source of primary data.
Secondary Research Methodology:
Each team will use at least four sources of external data such as industry studies, online market research reports, newspaper articles, external economic data and government demographic data. One of these sources should include the excellent online mapping database called SimplyMap that can be found at: http://library.uwb.edu/guides/BusWeb/SimplyMapTutorials.html 
This database will help you to narrow your product’s geographic market down to specific zip codes and even neighborhoods. As you know, the general market area is the Seattle “Eastside” which is very big. This data will help you select specific locations for your product’s promotion, sale and distribution.
Please present the research findings as follows:
Primary Research. Know n’ Act Response Ware 
1) Research Methodology: Please describe the methodology used
2) Respondents: Please describe the demographic profiles of the respondents that your team targeted, and the number of respondents
3) Research Results: Please present the research data tables and charts and then prepare an analysis of the research findings. Please do not simply cut and paste charts from Know n’ Act; your team will have to develop its own set of illustrations.
Note: In many cases, the above information will come directly from Assignment 2. You might want to amend the amount, format or analysis of the data before including it here in the Marketing Brief.
Secondary Research Data:
1) Research Methodology: Please describe the methodology used
2) Sources: Please describe the sources that were used
3) Research Results: Please present an analysis of your findings. For teams whose business requires a physical location, you must develop and show a map of demographic data taken from SimplyMap that helps your team select its area of geographic focus.
(I will provide u data later, please refer to data I provided)
2. Market Overview
At a minimum, the following areas must be addressed in this section:
1) Market Sizing: This information will come from Assignment 2. You might want to amend the amount, format or analysis of the data before including it here, however.
2) Competitive Landscape: Please be sure to include data and analysis that shows your competitors, there competitive strengths and weaknesses and competitive pricing of key products
3) Perceptual-Positioning Map of Key Competitive Products: (will be discussed in class). This map will not include your company’s product. That comes later.


Marketing Brief: Safe and Sound Cribs Name Institution Date Marketing Brief: Safe and Sound Cribs Introduction This marketing brief presents an overview and analysis of Safe and Sound Crib, a new product known as “the baby crib with a voice technology.” This marketing brief will explain and recommend some key elements of a marketing plan for the introduction of Safe and Sound Cribs in the Seattle Eastside area in June 2016. The market plan covers elements like a description of the product and competitors, demand for the product or service, and the strengths and weaknesses from a market standpoint of both the business and its competitors (Lamb et al., 2004). Purpose and Scope of the Marketing Brief The purpose of the marketing brief is to create awareness about the baby crib with voice technology to ensure that the information reaches out to the potential customers. The message "Congratulations on the new birth, mom," will effectively raise the consideration levels among its target customers. People in need of a crib will be curious to know about some of the special features of the crib using posters as its campaign strategies (Sudharshan, 1995). Using posters pictures of the baby crib with blue theme color comprising of the product`s name in bold will ensure that customers think of their babies or younger generation at the first glance. This will induce them to get more information based on their interests and needs. Our goal is to s...

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