Jul 26, 2017

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

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Psychosocial Rehabilitation


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Psychosocial RehabilitationName:Institution: When one is diagnosed with mental illness all may seem as if it is lost, as this conditions come with their fair share of difficulties especially when the patients are faced tasks that an otherwise mentally healthy person would consider cheap to carry out. For the mentally ill, tasks such as social skills, physical activities among others can be quite tricky to bring down (Swiss Academy for Development, 2005). For those patients all is not lost as they can be assisted through psychosocial rehabilitation, which is basically the process of restoring the ability of the mentally ill, such that they can be in a position to function within the social setting of a community. Unlike the healthy persons, the patients that are suffering from the psychiatric challenges tend to have a bit of a problem when dealing with their interpersonal relations, coping with stressful situations, poor concentration and even finding the right motivational cues. Over the years war has always reared its ugly face to many nations, most of those that bare the blunt of the war are the children, who apparently do not have anything to do with the war. After the war, there is always the victims that have to live in the internally displaced camps for quite some time before the governments can have plans to relocate them to proper homes on the government lands. Within these camps are children that have mental challenges either resulting from the trauma of the war or just natural causes that relate to their DNA structuring (Children`s Supportive Services, 2013). Being normal in such conditions is quite a task even for the children that are practically healthy, for those that are psychiatrically challenged, it is a whole different story altogether.Psychotherapeutic interventions are quite in order as the process of helping these kids get their lives back on track and be in a position to handle the everyday tasks that face them and their colleagues at the camps and when they eventually venture into the world, they can have better chances in life. Psychosocial rehabilitation on the children in these camps can be quite tricky as, one cannot set the children that are having the mental challenges apart, while the other healthy kids watch, this will wedge a drift between the two and it is the mentally challenged that are going to bear the blunt of that divide. On the other hand it is bright to set up social activities which leave the mentally challenged without any to attend to their needs. It is therefore important that the intervention that is used has the element of balance between the social and therapeutic aspects, which in this case can be achieved by involving the children at the camps in theater arts, music and sports. Applying psychosocial rehabilitation on these children may be executed w...

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