Proteomic Analysis of biofilms cultures of Cunninghamella elegans

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Proteomic Analysis of biofilms cultures of Cunninghamella elegans

Proteomic Analysis of biofilms cultures of Cunninghamella elegans

Based on the data and results obtained Discussion section should be structured and discussed each point and figure by provding reasons (e.g cell disruption from fungal cells) the challenges applied for protein extraction methods and their reproduciblites and their limitations for continuing with downstream applications. This is just one aspect of the point that needs to be disscused and supported by evidences sources that the writer could provide or if there is a point needs to be elaborated on I will find the right paper for. Best method for isolating protein which is mentioned on the result section attached is the Microbial Kit isolation kit. however, some optimization and alteration should made to meet the required standard for the further downstream application. Intracellular were not ready for MS analysis as they required a lot of method developments to meet the MS analysis standard. This due to the chemicals invovled from the kit and other protein extraction method used and specifically the detergents. Elaborate on why MS is highly sensitive for detergents like 1% SDS. and for the enzaymatic activity. Discuss about the principle of the enzamtic activites conducted each one and their roles in metabolic avtivites and where these can be found and why this is essentical to be conducted on the isolated proteins before raning samples on MS analysis. SDS-PAGE analysis indicated that Biofilms expressed different proteins than planktonic free cells. however in the intracellular they were hardly can be observed due to different reasons. Find out some reasons of smearing gels. The amount of protein quantified by BioDrop that this is not a reliable method for quantifying intracellular protein.
Some of the points are written with not organized order. needs to be flowing and in a understandable order.
MS analysis dicuss the data obtained which I will attach shortly.
When discussing the results obtained refer to table or a figure mentioned in the result. An academic guidline is attached for the general understanding of the structure.
Have a table of content of the other sections, attached.
Add the sources that would be used with the same one attached to it.

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