Jul 26, 2017

Proposal for exhibit

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Proposal for exhibit


The Museum of Western Civilization has commissioned you (and several other competitors) to design a comprehensive exhibit on the period from 1600 to 2009 with a strong emphasis on the period from 1848 to the present. Your assignment is to prepare a written proposal for the exhibit. This proposal must include 4-6 pieces to be included in the exhibit (for our purposes assume money and display space are unlimited) which you would use to discuss, describe, and explain Western Civilization during this period. No more than two exhibits should be from the period before 1848. You must also justify your selections, highlighting the significance and presenting your reasons for including each piece in order to convince the museum’s Board of Directors to accept and finance your proposal. I will only need 4 pieces. The description of each piece should be 1 page. The source for this essay is the textbook Hunt, Martin, Rosewein and Smith The Making of the West vol. II Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 4th Edition, 2012 ISBN 0-312-67271-3

Proposal for exhibitName:Institution:The Museum of Western civilization is one of the most visited museums in Canada. Located on banks of River Ottawa, it gives you an insight of human history over 20,000 years ago. World-renowned exhibitions happen in this museum throughout the year. It connects everyone to the rich history, cultures and arts of human long ago. Focusing on the period between 1600 and 2009, more so on the period between 1848 and the present; this paper will look at the development of Western Civilization in this period with reference to 4 pieces of art from these times.Western civilization refers to that period when there was an influx of settlers from the East to the Americas. With them, they brought their own social norms, values of ethics traditional norms and belief systems and other things to the Native Americans. Western civilization is characterized democracy and capitalism in the economic sense. Exhibition: Development of the Western Civilization between 1600 and 2009In the period around late 1500s and the mid 1600, wars of religion and worldviews were two things that marked the Western civilization. Christian ideologies would criticize the secular ideologies heavily especially on the creation of the universe. The rapid expansion of Calvinism after 1560 threatened to alter the religious balance of power in much of Europe (Hunt 2009 pg 452). There were also conflicts with the religions themselves, the catholic and the Protestants were divided on their beliefs. Due to this, there was a need to find a non-religious way to explain such phenomena such as natural occurrence of things and political pow...

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