present an assessment of this sector in terms of its size, scope, factors affecting it development.

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Conference and banqueting in UK has developed in the last 10 years to be one of the major sectors in the country. This sector has generated an enormous amount of revenue to the country (Rogers, 2013). Many business travelers travel to UK in order to attend meetings, conferences and trade fairs on a daily basis. Given the growth of the Conference and banqueting sector in UK, this study will present an assessment of this sector in terms of its size, scope, factors affecting it development. The study will also look at the overall hospitality industry in terms of strategic and operational issues involved in the effective in the industry.

Task 1: A Research report that describes conference and banqueting in UK

Size and Scope of the Conference and Banqueting Industry in the UK Review

Within the last 10 years the MICE industry (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) in UK has registered an enormous growth in strength, scope, and size. UK has emerged as a major global competitor in the conference and banqueting sector. Business travel has emerged as a central sector in the entire UK tourism sector, where BACD (British Association of Conference Destinations) defines business travelers as tourists travelling that entail attending exhibitions, meetings, conferences, trade fairs, hospitality and corporate business travel. This travelers use a lot of money in comparison to general tourists, where it is estimated that 6.3 business visitors visited UK in 1997 spending a total of £3501 million. This figure has risen sharply where currently the conference and banqueting sector alone is estimated to be worth £ 18.8 billion to the economy of UK (Novelli, 2015). This includes the amount of money that is spent in different occasions and in the wider destination which is spend by the organizers and representatives.

UK has developed as an important player in the events and conference around the world. International congress and Convention Association (ICCA) records indicates that in 2000 UK hosted 8.8% of the total meetings in the world. This has grown spontaneously where in 2009 the country was estimated to have 94 million events and meetings attendants. In 2009 there was an estimated 1.32 million events that had an average of 71 people in attendant that happed in UK. The hotels and training/conference centers typically hosted a lot of events in comparison to other kinds of venues where the hotels accounted for 615 of all the business events. Banquets for and beverages in a large convention hotel may account for as much as 70% of the total combined food and beverage percentage from all the other services offered in a hotel such as room services, restaurants and bars (Brotherton, 2014). It is estimated that UK has approximately 6650 conference and banqueting venues which work major hotel brands such as Best Western, Mariott, and Hilton. On addition to this there are estimated 9, 001, 053 rooms for meeting around UK.

The PESTEL factors have played in………………………….

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