Jul 25, 2017

Policies and procedures that organizations should implement to protect themselves

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Policies and procedures that organizations should implement to protect themselves


Taking care of information falls to those who own the information to develop ethical guidelines about how to manage it. Treating sensitive corporate information as a valuable resource is good management. Building a corporate culture based on ethical principles that employees can understand and implement is responsible management. Organizations should develop written policies establishing employee guidelines, procedures, and organizational rules for information.

Epolicies typically include: Ethical computer use policy, Information privacy policy, Acceptable use policy, email privacy policy, Internet use policy, and Anti-spam policy.

In this assignment you are expected to read the required readings listed in the background material and at least one other elective reading.

When you complete the readings, write a 3-4 pages paper addressing the topic:

“Policies and procedures that organizations should implement to protect themselves”

In your paper, be sure to include:

-       What are security policies or e-policies?

-       Explain three security policies that you would primarily recommend to an organization to have and why?

-       How security policies should be implemented in organizations?

Case assignment expectations:

Your assignment will be graded following these expectations:

- Precision: the questions asked are answered.

- Clarity: Your answers are clear and show your good understanding of the topic.

- Breadth and depth: The scope covered in your paper is directly related to the questions of the assignment and the learning objectives of the module.

- Critical thinking: It is important to read the “required readings” posted in the background material plus others you find relevant. Your paper should include important concepts from these readings and incorporate YOUR reactions and examples that illustrate your reflective judgment and good understanding of the concepts.

- Your paper is well written and the references are properly cited and listed (refer to TUI guidelines http://support.trident.edu/files/Well-Written-Paper.pdf )

- Your paper meets the page requirements not counting the cover page or the references pages.

When your paper is done, send it in.


Policies and procedures that organizations should implement to protect themselvesName:Institution:Policies and procedures that organizations should implement to protect themselvesA perfect business environment calls for organizations to operate under certain general ethical codes that facilitate a smooth flow of information. For purposes of correctly evaluating today`s business environment, information ethics for a sheltered benchmark that cannot be ignored. This paper`s focus revolves around aspects of security e-policies that form the basis of e-commerce, which is the revolutionary and modern form of business being adopted by organizations all over the world and in the United States. Indeed, organizational policies form the background of all organizations structures existing in corporate America today. Grave business focus has shifted to aspects of information technology over the past half century (Rhodhe, 2003).Information Security Policies form a crucial part of any given organization that aims to achieve success in today`s business policies. As far as e-commerce is concerned, the policies under question are referred to as e-policies. The roles played by stakeholders in the development of these policies cannot be overvalued, especially the contribution of competitors, suppliers and employees. The policies are aimed at establishing acceptable and recommended behavior patterns within the workplace setting. They are specifically designed to protect the sovereignty of an organization in terms of practices and standards of safeguarding information and promoting productivity at the same time (Whitman & Mattord, 2010). In general, organizational policies serve to establish core fundamental factors regarding information safeguarding and transfer.In specific terms, these policies are but written official documentation held by a company, which describe in detail form particular guidelines of practices and pr...

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