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Cyber Crime: Phishing


Research Report 3 - Academic Journals & their Articles Using the Skyline database located on the Auraria Library homepage, find a scholarly source or scholarly journal article on your topic. YOU MUST USE A SCHOLARLY SOURCE FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. NO EXCEPTIONS. Assignment Specifics: your task is to summarize the article you have chosen. Your summary should include at least two quotations from the article using MLA in-text citations, and you should create a Works Cited page for the source. Make sure the web-link for your source is included with your work for your instructor to view. Helpful Tip: Some of these articles may be long, so you may want to save the article to a disk, a flash drive, or to the desktop of your computer. You can also e ma il yourself the web-link for the article. If you are using a longer article, make sure you print the sections that you use to complete the assignment, as you may need them for later reference as you complete your final research paper. If you are using a shorter article, you may want to print the entire article. Assignment Specifications: Length: 2 to 3 pages Format: This assignment must be typed in 12 point font (Arial or Verdana is preferred) and be double spaced. Make sure your assignment contains your name, the course number and section, the date, and the assignment description in the upper left hand corner of your paper. This information should be double spaced. Your paper should also have page numbering in correct MLA format.

NameCourseInstructorDateCyber Crime: PhishingThe internet has revolutionized business as the world become more interconnected, but this has posed a challenge to organizations because of risk in illegal infiltration. Even though, organizations have dealt with numerous kinds of theft over time, cyber crime and phishing in particular presents new challenges because of anonymity of the internet. Easy accessibility to information means that organizations have to put more security measures to protect against illegal access to information. Phishing entails sending fake emails and scam intended to get information by passing off as reputable organizations (Nykodym et al 252). The main aim of phishing is to get sensitive information like financial data, and get passwords to bypass various security measures put in place. This paper focuses on phishing, its implications, cost to businesses and highlights on measures taken against phishing.Phishing is not a new phenomenon, and in the early to the mid 2000`s it was the main strategy used to illegally access personal information. Hacking has gone a notch higher and presents a greater risk to organization, but lack of vigilance means that it is possible to release user information and password through opening spam email. Nykodym et al (253) point out that toolkits are the most common form through which people gain access to information. “Since then, the technique of phishing has evolved and expanded....

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