Jul 27, 2017

PetMed Express Inc.

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PetMed Express Inc.


Transformation (PetMed Express Inc.) Determine the transactional factors of a company and how they affect performance through motivation. The transformation (or throughput) part of the system concerns the actual work that gets done within the organization. It involves a number of interdependent subsystems and is inextricably tied to both the inputs to the system as well as its outputs. In this segment of our ongoing case, you will be identifying key transformation or throughput processes and looking at the relationships between them. To do this you will be drawing on the Burke-Litwin Causal Model. Burke, W.W. & Litwin, G.H. (1992) A causal model of organizational performance and change. Journal of Management, 18(3), 523-545. The Burke-Litwin is a complicated model and is, perhaps, too big for an analysis of this size. For this reason, you are going to limit your analysis to those transactional variables identified in the article. A diagram of these variables and how they interact are shown in Figure 3 on page 531. A discussion of the seven variables starts with Structure on page 532 and ends with Motivation on page 533. But you should read the paper from the beginning through the middle of page 534. The seven transactional variables are: • Structure (Burke-Litwin describes structure as the arrangement of the functions, people responsibilities, authorities, communication and interactions in a way that supports the organization`s mission, goals and strategy. Identify the organizational structure of PetMeds, and comment on how well it fits - or not - with the PetMeds` strategy , as described in module 2. Be sure to specify the structure by type: matrix, team based, functional or product departmentation, organic/mechanistic, etc..) • Tasks and Skills (Unique or core competencies) • Management practices (e.g. participative or centralized decision making) • Systems and Policies (information systems, financial, marketing, production, human resources, etc.) • Work unit climate • Motivation • Individual needs and goals Figure 3 on page 531 shows that the Individual and Organizational Performance is influenced by the Motivation factor. And, the Motivation factor interacts with three factors: Task and Skills, Individual Needs and Values, and Work Unit Climate. It also shows other interactions. Case 4 Assignment: Make a Case that the amount of Motivation in your chosen company has a direct effect on the Performance. In Case 3, you made a case for the Performance of your organization. In Case 4, you need to show that the Motivation in your company is a primary factor in generating this performance. In order to make this case, you need to generate some backing evidence and data. Case Expectations: In order to make your case you need to: 1. Identify and briefly discuss each of the throughput variables in your company. 2. Based on Figure 3 (page 531) explain how these variables interact. 3. Determine how these interactions generate the amount of Motivation in the company. 4. Make a Case for your proposition on how Motivation affects the company’s Performance.


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