Jul 24, 2017

Personal statement

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Personal statement


rewrite my own statement Seventy-five percent of the American economy is medium and small business but small business makes up only 33% of the Saudi economy. Small business are growing in Saudi Arabia and I would like to participate in this newly developing sector by starting my own entrepreneur business and helping entrepreneurs to start their business from manufacturing tell it ends up in retail. I believe MBA in entrepreneurship will provide me with the academic and theoretical knowledge to prepare me for this role I anticipate for my future. My interest in small business development grew from my own personal experiences in starting a small professional printing service with my brother. This printing company also expanded to include an art gallery and photographic services. Thinking about this idea came from finding out that most photographers have to send their photo to the U.S or Dubai to be printed professionally with good quality. Choosing the right printing machine and dealing with the companies that made them was very challenging since they based out of Saudi Arabia. Now the business is growing fast and we still the only one who can provide these services in Saudi Arabia. Working at “Allianz”, one of the biggest insurance companies in the world, I held the position of reinsurance accountant in the reinsurance and risk management department. This experience gave me the tools to understand how to value the risk of any business and how the a top finance department works. Choosing a master’s degree in entrepreneurship might seem odd for someone who holds a bachelor degree in accounting. Since small business drives and holds a big share of the U.S economy and its still doesn’t contribute that much in to my country’s economy although it’s growing amazingly. That will be my main goal is to start my own business and help other businesses to start, succeed and contribute in the Saudi economy. Having a bachelor degree in accountant and a full scholarship to continue my master degree and working at the reinsurance and risk management department and starting a successful small business have encourage me to proceed in the entrepreneurship failed. Having a master degree on MBA entrepreneurship and with my experience in the risk management field plus starting the printing company will help to accomplish my goals to help my self, society and the country economy.

Personal statementStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:Personal statementIn the United States, 75% of the economy is made up of medium and small scale businesses. In contrast, small businesses in Saudi Arabia make up only 33% of the economy. Though they comprise a small percentage of Saudi’s economy, small businesses in Saudi Arabia are growing rapidly. As an individual, I have always had the entrepreneurial spirit and have always wanted to engage in a profitable business venture and make money. This newly developing sector seems very interesting to me and I would like to participate in it by starting my own small business and help other entrepreneurs start their own ventures from manufacturing products until when the products end up in retail stores where consumers can access and purchase them. Given that my desire to venture into entrepreneurship has grown stronger, I wish to pursue an MBA in entrepreneurship. I have a strong belief that having a Masters’ Degree in Entrepreneurship will provide me with both the theoretical as well as academic knowledge that I requi...

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