Personal Statement Essay

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Personal Statement Essay

Personal Statement

If you’re planning to apply for a college scholarship course, it is often probable that one will need to submit a personal statement essay along with a resume, transcript and other background information. Looking at a few sample essays before you start writing can help you get inspired to craft a winning essay of your own. The idea of a personal statement essay is as similar to one shown by the admission essay. Here is an example of such a personal statement essay

Example of a personal statement

Ever since I was young, I was curious to learn how machines work, how angles interlock leaving no gaps, how electricity is created and how all of these rely on just one simple discipline. Everywhere I would, I go I would notice the impact of engineering from simple concepts such as the design of the soda bottles to huge projects such as the structure of buildings and bridges. I was fascinated by the fact that by using the right calculations one can eliminate errors almost by one hundred percent.

In school, my interests would lean towards engineering with most of the mathematical concepts such as the angling of the planes, graphical representations, and design constructions by relying on just a compass and a protractor. It is then that I learnt the existence of engineering and the role it plays towards different components of the society. Today, I know much more about engineering and although it is viewed to be a mathematical course; it is one of the few disciplines that interact with human beings to make things easier and to allow them to survive since engineering concepts surround the human planet from buildings, to car, to airplanes and to irrigational machines. Today, no one can imagine a city without electricity, all of this is pegged on the hope that engineers will work their best to sustain electricity.

Interacting with all of these engineering concepts has encouraged me to develop goals that I would like to achieve in future. My goals are to learn as much as possible all the concepts I can be able to synthesize in engineering and secondly learn how to apply such concepts especially in my country China. I can only do this by learning concepts from individuals that have gained experience in the field and also interact with other individuals who are willing to solve engineering puzzles just as I do. Interestingly, the existence of the online platform will subsidize my interaction but I believe I need to be in a reputable institution to learn all of this.

In my country, I have been able to identify a gap in terms of planning since most companies that are there tend to rely only on previous design and not developing new designs that can withstand the market changes that are being experienced today with a special emphasis being on sustainability. My hope is that I being in a capacity to be a planner will allow our country to export much more of its labor to other countries to teach them how they can best use the engineering concepts to further institute sustainability. The high level of population in my country has always been blamed, but I believe that if all individuals are able to learn and further their skills, they will be able to use the little resources available towards creating sustainability whether it will be developing new agricultural concepts or new designs and paradigms to forecasts different aspects of the society such as climate.

Looking at the current societal changes, I believe that engineering will be the major anchor towards how individuals respond in future whether it will be the transformation in the concepts such as the internet. For there to be a technological revolution that is in line with sustainability, there needs to be engineers who are willing to learn all the nitty gritties of the engineering professions and who will apply the various concepts through a variety of engineering disciplines whether its mechanics, agriculture or any other that offers insight. Combining knowledge from such individuals needs one person who not only develop future goals but one who also believes he can make other people achieve these goals by making these goals visible to them

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