Jul 17, 2017

Pain Managment for the Obstetric Patient

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Pain Managment for the Obstetric Patient


Part one (1) looks at the causes and management interventions of discomfort and pain during pregnancy, labor, birth and recovery from birth. Part two (2) is a component of a teaching plan the registered nurse would use to assist an antenatal patient make an informed decision regarding pain relief measures to be used during labor and birth.

Part 1

•A. Identify and explain two (2) sources of pain for the antepartum patient, intrapartum patient, and postpartum patient during an uncomplicated pregnancy, labor, and recovery from the birthing process. .

•B. Identify one (1) pharmacologic and two (2) non pharmacologic pain management measures for the intrapartum patient. Explain the benefits and risks of each of these pain management measures. .

Part 2

In order for the woman to make an informed decision regarding pain relief measures to be used in the intrapartum period, the information needs to be provided in the antepartum period. 

Before finalizing a teaching plan for the pregnant woman, her history needs to be assessed to determine any variables that may affect the content of the teaching plan. For example, are there any language variables/barriers that will affect care provided during labor and birth?

•A. Identify three (3) variables unique to the pregnant patient that need to be considered when developing a patient specific pain management teaching plan for the antepartal patient preparing for labor and birth. Provide an explanation why each of these three (3) variables needs to be considered when developing a teaching plan for an obstetric patient. .

•B. Select two (2) non-pharmacologic pain relief options used in the intrapartum period. For each option, explain three (3) specific points of information related to this pain relief option that needs to be taught to the patient. Include rationales for each piece of content regarding why you would need to incorporate this information. .


Pain management for the obstetric patient Name Course Instructor Date Introduction Pain is an unpleasant experience that has the potential to cause tissue damage and is manifested through emotional and sensory experiences. As such, pain therapy is recommended to relieve pain and increase comfort through pharmacological and non pharmacologic management strategies. Experiences of pain are not the same and individual tolerance to pain as well as coping techniques have a direct impact on how people deal with the experience. Women in labor experience pain in different forms and a single pain reliving method can be used, but one can also rely on multiple pain management strategies. As such, understanding the sources of pain for the antepartum patient, intrapartum patient is important. This essay will also highlight on the pain management strategies for intrapartum patient and the risks and benefits for each strategy. It will also focus on a teaching plan intrapartum patient to facilitate pain management. PART 1 Sources of pain for the antepartum patient, intrapartum patient, and postpartum patient Obstetric disorders are some of the major causes of pain for antepartum patient, intrapartum patient, and postpartum patients. However, back pain can often affect women because of hormonal, mechanical psychosocial as well as circulatory factors. Changes in the pelvic region causes back pain during and after child birth, and this may persist, given that the pelvic as well as lumba...

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