Jul 25, 2017

Nursing Care Plan

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Nursing Care Plan


Risk of Imbalanced Nutrition R/T lack of knowledge of adequate nutrition AEB inadequate food intake with weight loss.

Resident will improve intake of nourishment each day by November 30, 2013.  Ongoing.

Nurse will document resident’s dietary history and patterns of eating after each meal every day until November, 2013.  Ongoing.

“Recording of nutritional status is necessary to help patients make significant health and quality of life” (Potter and Perry, 2014, p.1068).  According to Canada’s food guide, an adult over age 51 years of age should consume 7 servings of fruits and vegetables, 6 servings of grains, 3 servings of milk and alternatives, and 2 servings of meat and alternatives (Potter and Perry, 2014, p. 1058). 

The diet of older adults should contain choices from all food groups and may require a vitamin and mineral supplement (Potter and Perry, 2014, p.1065). 

On November 30, 2013, resident’s daily intake was monitored and found that daily meal intake met Canada’s food guide’s recommended servings for an adult over 51.  Resident tolerated daily food diet well.

Nursing Care PlanName:Institution: Concept Map for Vulnerable HIV Patients with Acute Kidney Infections Renal diseases have become quite common in the patients that are suffering from the HIV viruses, with a relatively high mortality rate. This makes HIV patients very vulnerable and in need for close examination for the likely symptoms of the same (Lopes, Melo, Raimundo, Fragoso & Antunes, 2013).   Nature of the Inability or Difficulty to FunctionNegative effects to health   Community resources for Vulnerable HIV Patients with Acute Kidney Infections  Nursing Plan CareNursing diagnoses Expected Outcome Intervention Rationale Evaluation Since the patience is experiencing vomiting, nausea and diarrhea, there is risk of developing excess fluids due to the decrease in the filtration rate at the globular and the rate of retaining sodium. Resident will have improved the balance of electrolyte and fluids by the 31 of November 2014Nurse will on a regular basis of around two weeks, depending on the progress of the patient, assess the symptoms and the signs of Hyperkalemia alongside the levels of potassium in the serum.Nurse will also have instruct the patient regularly on the importance of having foods that are prescribed by the medical staff, while at the same time instructing the patient to avoiding foods that are high in the potassium content. The nurse will measure and record the patient’s urine specific gravity and the output.The nurse will have to do the administration of glucose, insulin and sodium carbonate, with reference to the level of potassium in the serum. Regulation of the solutes in the body fluids is very crucial for the functionality of the body cells (Arvin, 2014). The balance is achieved through the leveling of the water volumes in relation to the solutes in the kidney. This is closely related to the concentration of the molecules of each of the component as volume alone can bring about the balance. Most of the solutes are acquired from the foods and the fluids taken in and thus for patients that have acute kidneys injuries, close regulation is crucial to avoid total failure (Lopes, Melo, ...

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