Jul 26, 2017

North Korea and the United States

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North Korea and the United States


Please read the attachment document very carefully as it is the assignment guidelines/instructions as well as the assignment itself under "Paper 5 Assignment" written in Red. There must be a total of 5 sources total that you need and the 5 required sources is in the attached document. This assignment needs to be well written with no plagiarism. And please deliver it on time. No matter, still follow the assignment very carefully and cite properly. Again, only use sources that I have requested in the uploaded assignment document. IMPORTANT: Analyze what you are comparing and contrasting! Do not describe or just simply report the information in the article--The purpose of the paper is to analyze and use the readings to inform your analysis.


Written 5 Assignment Guidelines

Critical Analysis Is Not Simply Reporting …


After reading the chapter and any supplemental assigned reading a written exercise allows you the opportunity to write an analysis of the content area. These written assignments require that you go beyond just reporting on what the reading say, to a critical analysis of the topic discussing the topic from the multiple aspects listed in the description of the topic.


            Written analysis will be graded on the following:

  1. Analysis of the issues
  2. Understanding of the complexity of the issue
  3. Integration of exercise information
  4. Clarity of thought and flow of ideas
  5. Quality of writing in terms of word choice, composition
  6. Mechanics (punctuation, spelling, grammar)
  7. Completeness of assignment


Framework from Readings

Your readings are to inform and provide a framework for your written analysis; therefore, you must refer to the readings in your papers using complete citations.


Paper Format 

You must submit your papers with acceptable format; choose the format [APA] and use it consistently.  Note that grades will be lowered for mechanical errors.



Paper 5 Assignment

Write a 500-word paper comparing and contrasting the coverage of the US government by foreign media.  You must use three articles from three different countries.

·         How is the US portrayed by the foreign media?

·         How are American values, political leaders and citizens portrayed?

·         What would a citizen of that country think about the American government?

·         NOTE:  Do not focus on the topic of the article as much as the depiction of the US in the article.

·         Make sure you cite the three articles properly.



3 articles in 3 different foreign media sources; only 1 source can be from Canada or Great Britain.  Must be 3 different sources, 3 different media sites. 


Required Sources and source help:

  • This site has relevant sources, but remember, 3 articles in 3 different foreign media sources, 3 different media sites:


  • Chapter 11 of Mass Media and American Politics (8th ed.) by Doris A. Graber, 2010.
  • “The Media’s Role in US Foreign Policy” by Edward S. Herman




I will be going back and making sure all information in each article are correct and not plagiarized as well as checking your citations!


IMPORTANT:  Make sure you are critically analyzing!!!! DO NOT DESCRIBE OR SIMPLY REPORT THE INFORMATION!

Running Head:Topic:Name:Course:Instructor`s Name:Date:The relationship between North Korea and the United States goes back to the Korean War, however, the relationship has of late has been hostile, a situation that can be excused on North Korea`s nuclear involvement with the country`s bold three tests of nuclear weapon and the country`s development of long-range missiles that have the potency of striking targets that are thousands of miles away. This has been further compounded by the threat that this poses to South Korea and the United States which many say are North Korea`s potential targets. The coverage of the media in the two countries about the other country has been all about the tension that exists between Washington and Seoul, a relationship which for now remains uncertain. Writing from Soul for NK News.Org (North Korea News) which is an overview of how North Korea media covered the military moves in East Asia by the U.S, James Pearson reports that the North Korean government termed the move as a “hostile” act, a position that was reinforced by the critical articles that were churned by Seoul that week (Pearson, 2013).The North Korea press has termed these measures as being provoc...

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