Jul 26, 2017

New Product Launch Marketing Plan

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New Product Launch Marketing Plan


Please write for these 3 sections for New Product Launch, on, target market, and positioning, PricingMarketing Plan Part III : Segmentati and distribution strategies, Marketing communication plan Additional info: The Let It Pour application would advertise in wine magazines, word of mouth, social media, and liquor stores. The method that Let it Pour will use for planning a marketing communication budget is the affordable method. It will allow the company to invest what it can afford toward advertising but does not allow for long term planning. The organizational target market is highly focused on the United States and European markets. The app will continue to work with growing the vineyard market data in the application. Let It Pour understands sales growth will be slow as the product enters the market. Profits will be nonexistent due to high marketing expenses because it requires a lot of effort to bring awareness. The action plan for the marketing mix during this stage includes offering a basic app that provides the features necessary to gain customer interest and acceptance, while working out any technical problems with the app as any arise. During this time, the price for the app will be $1.99. For promotion, the team must establish its market, create demand for the app, and build awareness among early adopters of the target market. The team will advertise in social media, ad networks, magazines, and grocery stores to attract attention. For distribution, the app will be available on the Apple Store and Google Play. The app will work on all multiple platforms including tablets, laptops and cell phones, for consumers` convenience. Reference: Bauerhaus. (2013). Retrieved from http://www.bauerhaus.com/the-6-different-wine-consumers

New Product Launch Marketing PlanNameUniversityDateNew Product Launch Marketing PlanThe New product in the market has several obligations to overcome as it set itself in the new environment where it has no knowledge about the market structure of the new places. So the Let It Pour app has to draw the requirements needed for the better performance of the business and also its efficiency .The company has to plan on how it`s going to allocates its resources on the improving the market strategy and it should put in mind segmentations, target market and positioning, pricing and distribution strategy and marketing communication plan.The division of the markets into many small units or groups is what is considered as the market segmentation. These units are to ensure the efficiency in the marketing strategy of the given company, hence for the Let It Pour Application has to develop segments on how to rich their customers on the sale of the wine. They hence have to groups their markets according to the advertisement policy, this information is to rich the customers who are grouped in various categories...

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