Jul 24, 2017

Networking Technology

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Networking Technology


This course focuses on the topic of wireless access to IT, each case emphasizes on various aspects of this this technology. In this module, you will learn some basic concepts and related equipment. In the process, you`ll be gaining understanding on how the field of computer engineering contributes to the world of the IT manager, professional, and user.

For your case assignment, you are to prepare a 3-5 page paper on ONE of the following two topics:

"Computer hardware is no longer a major barrier to wide use of wireless information systems"

Assignment Expectations

Please note that you`re being asked to take one or the other position. Like almost everything, the truth probably depends on lots of things and interactions among them; don`t make this more complicated than it is. Just do your research, decide which side of the question better fits the evidence you`ve found, and write your report accordingly.

Your paper should follow this general outline:

  • which statement you`re going to support, and a brief paragraph summarizing your reasons.
  • summary description of the major kinds of hardware involved in wireless information systems
  • changes in computer and related hardware over the last few years that affect wireless, and how
  • major wireless hardware issues that are currently unresolved
  • things other than hardware that need to be considered in using wireless

Don`t forget your cover sheet and appropriate references to any materials that you consult in preparing your paper. See the writing guidance in the syllabus page.

Required readings for the paper include:

Computer Hardware. (2011). Slideshare. Retrieved from http://www.slideshare.net/iarthur/intro-to-computer-hardware-presentation

Mitchell, B. (2010). What hardware is required to build a wireless network? About.com. Retrieved from http://compnetworking.about.com/cs/wireless/f/wirelesshardwar.htm

3G 4G Wireless Resource Center. (2011). Retrieved from http://www.3g4g.co.uk/

You should also plan to consult at least some items referenced in the Background Information for this Module; the specific items will depend on what position you`re taking and what other evidence you`ve found. In general, the best strategy is to read broadly and quickly, taking in a lot of information in general before you go back and dig heavily into a few sources.

It is also recommended that you carry out your own searches for further information to help make your case. The Professional Websites included in the Background Information are also a very good source of further information, and they all have their own search tools.

For help with understanding unfamiliar terminology, you may want to consult the following:

Glossary: some computer terms in plain English [http://redhill.net.au/o/glos.html]

Glossary of terms

Glossary of Terms. (2011). Mobility Learning Center. Motorola. Retrieved from http://www.symbol.com/products/wireless/glossary.html

NetworkingName:Institution: In this day and age, computer hardware is no longer a major problem when it comes to the deployment and use of the wireless information systems. Technology is advancing fast, and most of the hardware that is used these days on the various platforms from the PC to the handhelds is much more powerful than ever before. Networking is not limited to the wired connections, as one can access networks wirelessly if they are within the range. More devices are now able to connect to a wireless network at home and the office. With the development of the hand held gadgets, there is a general rule of incorporating network cards even in the smallest of the portable devices. Most of the network cards on the various devices are also able to connect through various wireless protocols.With the wireless networks, the transmission is typically done over the air within the 2.4 gigahertz band that is usually an unlicensed frequency. It is also basic that the wireless networking does not require a line of sight, as the base stations (wireless access points) have a connection with the servers, form where they can transmit the radio waves within a given area. For the portable devices such as the laptops, tablets and phones, to have access to the wireless network, they have to use inbuilt or plugged-in network cards. Some of the other major hardware used in the transmission of the wireless network radio waves includes the wireless router (Mitchell, n.d.). The wireless router is a device that is used to enable portable devices to access the wired network wirelessly. There are also wireless antennas, which come in handy when one needs to increase the network communication range. Wireless repeaters are commonly used where there is a need to boost the signal. The repeate...

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