Jul 22, 2017

Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange

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Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange


Write essay in which you ARGUE AN INTERPRETATION of the painting "Migrant Mother" by Dorothea Lange. Argue your interpretation by analyzing the painting, offering a close look at different elements, pointing out what the painting "says." The quality of your interpretation will depend upon how well you analyze the painting itself to develop your interpretation. Back up your interpretation by using elements found in the painting. GRADING CRITERIA: Convincing argument with clearly stated thesis; Quality of your interpretation, well-supported ideas, well-developed paragraphs; how well you make use of elements in the painting; Well-written sentences, clear communication of ideas, relatively error-free prose TIP #1: Once you`ve chosen a painting, DON`T do any research on it! I know that sounds backwards, but many students who do research on the painting before writing wind up doing two things. 1. They confuse themselves with others` opinions about the painting. Trust your own gut, and trust that you can dig up plenty of points to address in your essay. If you really dig into the painting, write an outline, and keep on analyzing, you`ll have plenty to address in your essay. 2. Students who do research on a painting before completing a draft of their essay inevitably will fill their essay with background on the painting, others` opinions and ideas, which results in a low gradeÞ. Why? Because the assignment is to interpret the painting from your own perspective. If you fill your head and paper with others` opinions, you`ll have to fight through those ideas, and usually your essay gets filled with stuff you read about the painting. I want to see your ideas, your critical thinking. So resist the temptation to research the painting. TIP #2: Write the introduction last. Yes, I know this sounds counter-intuitive as well, but hear me out. I`ve found that many students give their best, freshest, and alert efforts in the introduction...and then they are exhausted! So the rest of the time they have to give to their body paragraphs isn`t their strongest thinking. So here`s what you do. Write your thesis. Then skip writing the introduction, and sketch out an outline of your points you will address. Then draft your essay. Then proofread your essay to catch any surface errors. THEN write your Introduction last, connecting it to the thesis. You`ll find that all the work you did writing the body paragraphs will help you write your introduction quite naturally. It`s true. REMEMBER - DON`T do any research on it!

Student Name:Topic: Interpretation Essay - Migrant Mother by Dorothea LangeTutor:Date: 20th June, 2014The “Migrant Mother” by Dorothea LangeThesis StatementThe photograph of the “Migrant Mother” was taken by Dorothea Lange in March 1936 during her trip to Nimpo during the Great Depression. This is a picture of a 32 year old lady known as Florence Owen Thompson and her three children. The Great Depression of the 1930’s did not affect only the banks, but also families and their well being. Florence was not aware of the purpose of the photograph and that her emotions would be revealed from the photograph as she was only taking a photo with her family. This paper, therefore, looks at the “Migrant Mother” photograph and analyzes is different unique features and elements in order to point out and interpret what the picture is about.The migrant mother’s photograph presents an observer with an overview of the state of immigrants and in this case the women immigrants. The woman is sitting down with a saddened face with her three children while she is photographed. The mother’s hair in the picture is extremely dark; however, her skin is significantly light compared to her children and other features in the photograph. This contrast created on the photograph highlights the face of the mother that is seemingly the focus of the picture. The mother is wearing two tops with the inner one only visible on her chest is a button shirt with a collar. The outer one is a sweater made of rough material and is cut to the elbows.She is sitting down with her three children with a pensive and saddened look; her right arm is up with the fingertips on her chin. She is with her three children with her youngest on her lap and the other two children nestled together on her should and on her back facing away from the camera and using their mum as a shield from the camera. The infant seems to be wrapped in an oversized clothing probably the mother’s and they all have tattered clothes where the children’s clothing have holes in the sleeves while the mothers coat is frayed as the end of the sleeves, and the clothes seem to be covered with dirt.The contrast created is prominent on the mother and highlights her face that holds the majority of the photo’s feeling and captures the emotions of any viewer. She is not facing the camera directly, and this makes different statements either she is ashamed of looking as she recognizes her state and feels belittled. Her wrinkled brow, her somewhat grimaced face, and the somber expression in her face express the hardship she is experiencing and reveals the struggles that she has undergone as an immigrant.Though the mother is aware that she is being photographed, she does not look at the camera. The pensive and empty gaze indicates that she is deep thought. This highlights her lack of cu...

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