Mexican Immirgration of People as an Age-Old Phenomenon

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Mexican Immirgration of People as an Age-Old Phenomenon


Draft four complete body paragraphs for your argumentative research paper. Please remember the following:
• Refer to the Module Notes for further guidance on paragraph structure.
• Be sure you use proper APA/MLA formatting.
• Be sure to include your introduction, which ends with a clear thesis statement.
• Each paragraph should be a minimum of eight sentences.
• Be sure to cite any outside source information you reference within your paragraphs.
here is the topic and introduction
Mexican immirgration
Migration of people is an age-old phenomenon. It has been part and parcel of human existence, and has played a huge part in the sociopolitical and socioeconomic order that has shaped the present. There are numerous reasons that immigrants might cite as the driving force behind numerous instances of migration. One of the present largest human migrations involves the movement of Mexicans from their home country, North into the United States. They mainly move into the southern states of the United States, which are in close proximity to the Mexican border. In order for them to get into the United States, these Mexicans have to go through the border between their country and the United States. This is usually a long stretch of land striding a total of ten states shared between Mexico and the United States. There are a number of push and pull factors that facilitate such migration (Jackson, n.d.).Among the push factors include the high rates of crime within the Mexican borders, which are usually contributed to a large extent by drugs. There is also a high rate of unemployment in Mexico, which forces them to move northwards, seeking for opportunities. Among the pull factors include the better living standards in the United States than in Mexico, a large Mexican community in the United States which makes it easier for these migrants to easily fit in (Jackson, n.d.).With the migration come numerous impacts, both positive and negative, to either side of the divide.


BODY PARAGRAPHS FOR ARGUMENTATIVE RESEARCH PAPER Name: Instructor: Institution: Date Movement of individuals is an age-old phenomenon. It has been an integral part of human presence, and has had colossal impact in the sociopolitical and financial request that has formed the present. There are various reasons that foreigners may refer to as the main thrust behind various occurrences of movement. One of the present biggest human relocations includes the migration of Mexicans from their nation of origin, north into the United States. They predominantly move into the southern conditions of the United States, wh


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