Medical Diagnoses Case: The Organisms Causing Symptoms

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Medical Diagnoses Case: The Organisms Causing Symptoms


Read the information below.  Do not simply answer the questions!!

You will hand in your work on a separate piece of paper.  Please put your information in paragraph form.  Include any information you have found which helped you to answer your questions.  The better job you do of explaining your results, the more points you will receive.  Use as many resources as you can and be sure to cite them!

Department of Homeland Security agent working in Port Everglades, was required to inspect three containers of frozen frog legs.  The containers had previously been used to transport frozen seafood.  The inspector had a small cut on her right thumb and was wearing leather gloves.  Approximately 2 weeks after this inspection, she noticed red streaks going up her arm from the site of her cut.  She made an appointment with her physician who prescribed antibiotics.

Apparently it was not the correct antibiotic, as her condition continued to progress with more symptoms.  The next thing she noticed were lumps on her arm, which looked like enlarged lymph nodes.  They progressed to the point that they eventually opened up and began to drain. She was informed that the lesions would spontaneously heal over the next several months.

She was prescribed a different antibiotic and told that it could take up to 18 months for all symptoms to resolve.  Other symptoms included night sweats along with her affected arm being very sore and weak.

  • What is the organism causing her symptoms?
  • How did she acquire this infection?
  • Which persons are most at risk for acquiring this infection?
  • How can this illness be diagnosed?
  • What is the best treatment option for this condition?


Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course Number: Date: STUDY CASE In medical diagnoses, it is critical to consider every detail of a patient’s history. In the case of the Homeland Security agent, her history shows that she had a cut while inspecting containers that had previously been used to transport frozen seafood. Going by differential diagnosis, the patient observes some red streaks after two weeks, and the streaks originate from her cut going up her arm. Despite receiving her first antibiotic therapy, the symptoms did not subside; instead, her condition worsened and the red streaks that were once small began to form lumps that resembled enlarged lymph nodes


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