Market Research Industry

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Market Research Industry

Products sell because they portray an image that speaks to a specific target market. To get you started, here are some pairings. Some work some do not; you be the judge:

â?¢Ozzy Osbourne, outrageous heavy metal legend AND Encyclopedias
â?¢Angelina Jolie AND a line of organic baby food
â?¢Donald Trump AND a Business School
â?¢Skinny Supermodel Kate Moss AND a line of high fat, high calorie baked goods
In this scenario, you will be casting five actors to endorse five products targeted at different market segments. You select the 5 products. You want to match up an appropriate endorser with the product you have selected. Remember it can be any product.

Find pictures of five different people on the internet that you think represent each of the products you chose. You will have one endorser for each product.

Start with the file linked here: U1 IP Product Endorser

Customize the file to create a form so that you may use it to secure opinions about Product and Endorser matches.

â?¢Replace the Generic Picture on the attached form with the one you found on the Internet
â?¢Create a listing of at least 7 different products (including the product that you think would best fit with the selected endorser.
â?¢Repeat this for the other 4 pages.
Using the form you created, survey 5 people on their feelings about Product-Endorser matches.

Create a presentation of your findings:

PART 1: Library Database Research & Application

Using articles from the library`s full-text databases:

1.Provide a research background on how the selection of endorsers can affect a consumer`s perception about the brand being represented.
2.Include examples of a good match and bad match and explain the implications of both situations with regard to the short-term health of the product or brand.
This portion of your paper will be 3-4 pages in length and must be based predominately on articles from the library`s full-text databases.

PART 2: Primary Research

1.Explain the rationale behind each of the matches
2.Describe the data collection methodology (did you email the files, get responses in person, or hand out the files and have respondents return them?)
3.Collate and present your results. You may create tables or charts in Word.
4.As a conclusion, apply the research to the findings of your study. What are the implications for marketers?
This portion of your paper will be 2-3 pages in length (excluding tables or charts you may to include)

In the business world it is important to use research to strengthen points that you make in presentations and projects. You will see references to using specific databases throughout this course. Research is a crucial skill in marketing and learning to use the search functions in these databases is about critical thinking which complements other research techniques you have used prior to the class.

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