Jul 23, 2017

Market Entry Mode

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Market Entry Mode


please write for me detailed paper about the best market entry mode for China India Singapore we should select onl one market to enter based on those factors 1)ownership advantage 2) Location advantage 3)Internalization advantage 4) Other factors : .Need for control .Resource availability .Global Strategy We are planning to enter one of this countries and launch our product which is Kind of Bakhoor made from the row material called : Frankincense. after collecting information about each country make a table which summarize each factor and its details in each country Iwill attach a file it may help you


Strategies for Analyzing and Entering                        

Foreign Markets

•Discuss how firms analyze foreign markets
•Outline the process by which firms choose their mode of entry into a foreign market
•Describe forms of exporting and the types of intermediaries available to assist firms in exporting their goods

•Identify the basic issues in international licensing and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of licensing
•Identify the basic issues in international franchising and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of franchising
•Analyze contract manufacturing, management contracts, and turnkey projects as specialized entry modes for international business
•Characterize the greenfield and acquisition forms of FDI

Market Entry ModeStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:Market Entry ModeA multinational corporation plans to enter China, Singapore or India and launch its products within that market. Since the company plans to penetrate only one country, it is important to identify the best mode of market entry best upon a number of factors. In this paper, the best market entry mode for each of these 3 countries is determined basing on: ownership advantage, location advantage; internationalization advantage; need for control, global strategy and resource availability. Ownership advantagesOwnership advantage is one of the 3 key advantages that a company needs to have before it invests internationally. The other advantages are location advantage and internationalization advantage (Claver & Quer, 2011). In regards to the ownership advantage, the vast majority of Indian and Chinese companies do not have the advantage that foreign companies have in terms of scale, finance, marketing, technology, currency, as well as management of organization. To a great extent, enterprises in Singapore actually possess the advantages that foreign companies have. In essence, it is imperative for the multinational corporation to have the competitive advantages – such as well-known brand name, entrepreneurial skills, production technique, technology and benefits of economies of scale – as it seeks to engage in foreign direct investment. It is notable that ownership-specific advantages will result in lower costs and/or higher revenues that could offset the costs of operating at a distant location in China, India or Singapore (Rasheed, 2009). Location advantagesThe location advantages of the various countries are important in determining the country that the multinational corporation would penetrate. In essence, the best country for investment has more advantages relative to the others in terms of several aspects including cost of transportation, investment policies, market demand, cost of labor and natural resources (Cumberland, 2010). China: the attractiveness of this country as a destination for investment capital lies in its development of infrastructure including both telecommunications and transport, availability of resource both labor and physical resources, market size and scope. Modern China is the second the largest economy globally and the country has robust transport and telecommunications network that includes a large network of world class highways and railway, and its aviation sector is also well developed in many parts of the country. China’s superb transport and telecommunications have allowed it to post significant growth in...

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