Jul 25, 2017

Lung Cancer Treatment

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Lung Cancer Treatment


12 pitch, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, APA format, 7 picture/graphs


Research your topic fully. You will then type a 7 page paper covering your topic. All papers are to be typed in 12 pitch, Times New Roman Font on white paper. The paper will have 1 inch margins, typed in APA format with a cover sheet including the course name, your topic, your name, my name and the date. You will have a minimum of 7 different resources and a minimum of seven picture/graphs inserted into your paper as the topics appear. Your reference page must include FULL web addresses, if I can`t get to the site I`m going to assume you couldn`t either.

The format for this paper is APA. APA format is on the internet, but I have also attached a copy. We will go over the format in class, any/all questions will be answered.

Your paper is due at the start of class on 19 March 2014 LATE papers WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Lung Cancer TreatmentName:InstitutionIntroductionResearch shows that cancer kills an average of 7.9 million people worldwide annually, which translates to 13% of the entire total mortality rate in the world. Cancer is a collection of diseases basically exhibited by changes in the human body cells where they grow out of control. Cancers are normally classified according to the kind of tissue or fluid from where it originates. One of the particular types of cancer identified in this manner is the Lung Cancer. It is evident through research that the number of deaths caused by lung cancer outweigh those caused by any other kind of cancer. However, it is worth noting that the birth of new technology and its advancement in the field of medicine has played a great role in helping cancer victims, thus prolonging their lifespan.In the United States, the most common cancer is Lung Cancer with most cases associated to tobacco use. Lungs cancer originates from the lungs but can spread quickly to other surrounding areas in the body. With reference to the American Cancer Society (2014), it is clear that lung cancer develops once cells in the lung expand beyond the normal rate. In that case, it forms within the tissue of the lung, thereby destroying any tissue that borders it. When this happens, it hampers with the general performance of the lung. If left untreated, it spreads rapidly to the lymph system. Reflecting on a definition point of view, lymph nodes are tiny tissues that connect lymph vessels. Worth noting is that lymph nodes contain lymph. This is a fluid essential in fighting contagion, and travels from side to side of the body in vessels that are similar to veins. Despite the fact that the cancer can spread to other body tissue, it is still termed as lung cancer.Definition of Lung CancerThe medical definition of lung cancer is “a highly malignant form that affects the lungs”. The team definition is “a group of abnormal cells that starts off in the lungs and grows uncontrollably.OriginLung cancer is believed to start in the bronchi lining (main lung`s airways). However, it can also begin in other areas including the trachea, alveoli or bronchioles which are all parts in the respiratory system. It was the leading cause of cancer death in the United States for both men and women with about 220,000 people in America diagnosed with this type of cancer annually (Nader, 2014). Almost all lung cancers are carcinomas, which mean that it begins from the lining tissues of an organ or the covering part of the organ. The tumor cells of the lung cancer grow and spread differently according to each type and therefore different treatment is required for each type. “About 85 % to 90 % of lung cancers belong non-small cell lung cancer” (American Cancer Society, 2014).Categories of Lung CancerThe major categories of lung cancer come into two forms, although this is largely dependent ...

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