Linking Business Strategy to Project Management :1. How does the organization define a project?

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Linking Business Strategy to Project Management

Linking Business Strategy to Project Management

he paper will need to answer the following questions:
1. How does the organization define a project?
2. How will the organization manage the project?
3. How does the business prioritize all of their projects?
4. Do the projects link back to their business strategy?

Also, incorporate the following objectives:
1. Analyze the foundation principles of project management based on project life cycle models.
2. Analyze the attributes of IT project management and Portfolio Management
3. Analyze the processes of project risk management with Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
4. Analyze processes of realistic scheduling and estimation accuracy.
5. Examine key components of a high-performance project team with effective project communications.
6. Summarize project success factors and applicable tools, techniques, and successful project metrics.
8. Examine key components of Enterprise Project Management (EPM), Project Management Offices (PMO), and successful requirement engineering methods

Sample paper

How does the organization define a project?

As a leader in distance learning technology, the Worcester Polytechnic Institute has many courses on offer through the Internet. These courses fall under the institution’s Division of Continuing Studies and graduate studies where a steady Internet connection is used to deliver both educational and research materials and learning instructions. To improve their delivery, the institute strives to enhance Internet connection with the Internet2 connection as many other new opportunities become feasible. In terms of multi-media laboratories, campus connectivity and academic tools that are web-based, the institute has made exceptional progress over the years. On work that requires higher connection speeds, this leading position makes the institute an important collaborator as they build on their strengths.

As a learning institution; one considered an elite technological university, the organization’s project involves the utilization of a reputable network to establish an Internet connection that is high performing in order to support their initiatives in distance learning and research programs. To successfully, support these learning and research initiatives high performing internet connectivity is required. The project will involve applications that support the improvement of web performance through wireless LANs, data mining, caching, ultrasound backscatter, cryptography, surface metrology and distributed computing. In addition to these, the applications will also include spacecraft chemical and electric propulsion, massively parallel processing, vehicle crash worthiness and fire protection engineering all through distance learning.

How will the organization manage the project?

The institute’s College Computer Center will be responsible for the installation, operation and management of the project.

How does the business prioritize all of their projects?

Some section has been intentionally omitted on this 14 page paper

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