Kudler Fine Foods media campaign.

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Media Campaign Proposal

Kudler Fine Foods is the selected organization in which to develop a media campaign for a grand opening event. Please review the attached PDF which is the strategic plan for this organization, to assist in developing the requirements below for this assignment. The following information needs to be developed for this organization:

? Describe the target market for this campaign
? Describe the communications goals for the media campaign
? Recommend at least two media strategies that must be used to achieve the communications goals of the campaign

This information needs to at least be 300-words altogether, being that its three portions to this assignment. Thank you and please feel free to post a question, should there be any questions or concerns pertaining to the instructions or assignment itself.

Furthermore, to assist in gaining understanding to the basis of this assignment, the following is the introduction and organizational overview to this assignment, which should provide some helpful insight to effectively developing this assignment.

"The various elements of an effective media campaign are important considerations in the development process, implementation, and evaluation of the campaign. As Kudler Fine Foods prepares for the grand opening of the gourmet food shop`s newest location, the media campaign will be a primary focus in preparing for the event. The media campaign should alert the public to the new location, enticing new customers to experience the gourmet foods and fine wines at reasonable prices that Kudler Fine Foods offers and announce the additional location to existing customers. An initial element of the media campaign will be a thorough analysis of the company`s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends (SWOTT). This initial evaluation of the company`s current standing is an effective launching point for determining the direction of the media campaign. Kudler`s target market will be analyzed to ensure those customers most interested in finding all their gourmet needs in one convenient shop are the focus of the media campaign."

Organizational Overview and Grand Opening
Kudler Fine Foods, located in the San Diego metropolitan area, began out of one person`s frustration in trying to find the fine ingredients needed to prepare a simple meal (Apollo Group Inc., 2007). Kudler Fine Foods provides customers with the very best domestic and imported foods in various departments including: fresh bakery and pastries, fresh meat and seafood, fresh produce, condiments and packaged goods, cheeses and specialty dairy products, and wine. The Kudler Fine Foods mission focuses on providing customers with the finest products to allow "your culinary visions [to] come true" (Apollo Group, Inc., 2007, Strategic Plan: Mission). The Kudler vision statement focuses on being a "premiere gourmet grocery store for those savvy shoppers who are searching for the finest meats, produce, cheeses, and wine" (Apollo Group, Inc., 2007, Strategic Plan: Vision). Kudler Fine Foods also focuses on social responsibility both within and outside the store, purchasing produce from local organic farmers when possible and avoiding the use of unnecessary preservatives. Food is also rotated from the shelves regularly, with food that is still good being donated to local homeless shelters and food kitchens (Apollo Group, Inc., 2007). Kathy Kudler opened her first store in 1998 with strong sales and continued growth. This continued growth has allowed Kudler Fine Foods to expand into two additional existing locations.

The primary focus of Kudler Fine Foods` upcoming media campaign will be the opening of the next store location. Kudler has determined that one of the existing locations is not doing as well as expected due to the small population base of that store`s location and has decided to open a new store. The new location has a much larger population and is a short distance from the existing location, allowing those current customers convenient access to the new store.

A thorough analysis of the company`s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends (SWOTT) will be the basis for the media campaign aimed at the grand opening of the new Kudler Fine Foods location. The following strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats from an existing SWOT analysis will be useful in developing the current media campaign for a new store location. The addition of current trends will provide a more thorough analysis.
Strengths Weaknesses
? No direct competition
? Lots of choices for the consumer
? Very customer oriented
? Repeat customers ? Deal in mainly perishable goods
Opportunities Threats
? Offer more catering services
? Add more product line as we grow ? Competing gourmet shops
? The economy declining
? Traditional grocery stores are adding specialty sections and organic products
? Other gourmet food stores are offering ecommerce services
? Most gourmet stores offer larger selections of coffee and tea than Kudler offers

(Apollo Group, Inc., 2007, (Strategic Plan: SWOT). The lack of direct competition in the area surrounding the new location for Kudler Fine Foods will be an asset while promoting the new store as potential customers are lacking the types of products that Kudler provides in one convenient location. The vast array of selections provided by Kudler and the customer orientation of staff keeps customers coming back on a regular basis. The choices provided to customers and the friendly staff are valuable strengths to be offered to new customers. Kudler`s main weakness in providing the high quality food they provide is the lack of shelf life of many products, but Kudler answers this threat with constant attention to ensuring fresh stock is on the shelves and replacing product as needed. Opportunities in the promotion of the Kudler family of stores includes the company`s catering services and their willingness to offer additional products as requested.

Kudler`s promotion will need to address competing gourmet shops with the additional offerings of Kudler. A declining economy can always be an issue with a new store opening, but Kudler strives to keep prices reasonable in all economies. An additional threat may be the trend of traditional grocery stores that are starting to offer specialty or organic sections. Industry trends which may affect Kudler include the addition, by many stores, of websites which allow customers out of the area to place orders online. Many of these stores also offer a larger selection of coffees and teas.

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