IT Governance for Federal Electricity & Water Authority (FEWA)

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IT Governance for Federal Electricity & Water Authority (FEWA)

IT Governance for Federal Electricity & Water Authority (FEWA)

Develop IT Strategy for FEWA in UAE,
1-Asses the current IT situation in situation assesement (Where are we) and using SWOT.
2- Align the business objective with the current IT situation and conduct a gap analysis (Why change, What is missing).
3- Based on the previous steps, decide on a road map- suggest the new IT initatives that implemented. (Provide with solution

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IT Governance for Federal Electricity & Water Authority

Current IT situation in situation assessment
StrengthsMost companies are capable of using the online platforms, IT marketing and they are also adopting emailing systems which relives the postal system and the large tasks. Adopting emailing systems allows the company to be able to respond to its customers concerns more adequately.

The company receives consistent funding from the government allowing it to be able to procure the high level of technology from companies such as Open Systems International, Inc. (OSI) and Global Energy Technologies Ltd who are giants in the field and who offer various technological needs



Sometimes demand supersedes supply and the company gets a high number of request that needs to be processed yet not through its systems online. However, today most of the requests are processed online


Being in the social Platforms and constantly engaging most of the social of the customer has been a very valuable assets for learning as individuals are able to raise their comments, complements and ideas or suggestions

The ever increasing water needs forces individuals to seek responses from the company urging it to adopt new systems such as Distribution Management System, Energy Management System, Network Management Systems and Generation Management Systems (Open Systems International, Inc. 2010)

ThreatsThere does not exists many individuals who possess IT skills both in the company and outside the company.

Most individuals are also not learned in using these systems and this harbors the company to transition fully into using these technologies allowing the customers to be in interacting with the interfaces

2- Gap Analysis

FEWA’s mission statement on the ability of the company to provide water and electricity services as per international standards in the United Arab Emirates provides the gap since the company is still yet lagging behind on its quest. By adopting new technologies, FEWA needs to anticipate demands of its market by developing technological platforms that offer the data needs while obtaining information on the future of their market. Such could be d

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