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Is the information accurate and verifiable?

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Annotated Bibliography: Russia tightens Pressure on Ukraine With Rise in Natural Gas


What is the assignment? From either the eThemes of the Timesfound under Macionis` 7th edition text (eThemes of the Times), or more recent New York Times found either through this link of through the subscription you have through the SCCC Library) http://www.nytimes.com/ choose 5 articles that interest you, read them and then prepare an annotated bibliography. As suggested above, it should be both descriptive and evaluative of the article and approximately 150 words. Provide the bibliographic reference (APA style) followed by the descriptive and evaluative summary. Note: The assignment is: Choose five articles of your choosing from the links available. Your grade is based on three criteria: 1) following the APA format correctly 2) summarizing the article correctly, and 3) evaluating the article. Following APA format is easy and I know that all of you can summarize what you read. The important step is the evaluative step. This is the skill that will allow you to engage in critical analysis, which is key for any discourse, written or spoken. Assignment Response Score for: Jane Doe_____ Criteria Points (max=4) Notes (optional) Summative Paragraph 4 Summary was well done Evaluative Paragraph 4 Evaluation was thorough Bibliographic Reference 4 Correct APA format was used. Cite Information Sources 4 Citation found in text. College-level writing skills (i.e., correct grammar and spelling) 4 Writing skills were college-level. Total points 20 Comments: Jane captured the key points of the article and summarized the information appropriately. Her evaluation of the information was comprehensive. NB; this is a sample of how someone graded the essay just to have an idea of it


START helps you focus that evaluation - consider the following:




  • What topic is covered?
  • Is the topic covered in-depth?
  • What is offered here that cannot be found elsewhere?



  • Is the information accurate and verifiable?
  • Is the information objective or is bias evident?
  • Who is the intended audience?



  • Can you determine the source of information?
  • What are the author’s credentials and expertise?
  • Is the publisher or Web site sponsor reputable?



  • Does the information address your topic?
  • Does the information support or contradict your point of view?
  • Can this information be used to verify another source?



  • When was the information produced or published?
  • Is the information recent enough to still be relevant?
  • Regardless of the date of publication, is it still useful?
Annotated BibliographyNameCourseInstructorDate Kramer, A. (2014, April 1).Russia tightens Pressure on Ukraine With Rise in Natural Gas Price. The New York Times. According to Kramer (2014), Gazprom; a Russian oil and gas company increased gas prices to Ukraine by 44 %, even after there was no consensus on how to deal with Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Nonetheless, there seems to be a political angle to this, as countries in the former Eastern bloc and former soviet republics seem to suffer the most through petroleum price increases depending on whether they are pro EU or pro Kremlin. Kramer (2014) points out that, the rise in prices was not totally unexpected as Ukraine had already started plans to borrow funds from the International Monetary Fund because of a reduction in subsides in gas prices. Kramer has written on various articles about geopolitical and security matters touching on the Kremlin, and the article confirms suspicions that Russia results to using gas and oil resources as a political tool in Eastern Europe.Gordon, M, R. (2014 April, 1). NATO to Firm Up Its Presence in Eastern Europe as It Halts Cooperation with Russia. The New York Times.NATO leaders met in Brussels to find a way forward on the crisis engulfing Crimea in the Ukrainian following Russia’s intervention in the region. To seek immediate realignment of the former Eastern Bloc, NATO leaders sought to increase its presence in the region in light of Russia’s aggression. NATO secretary general, Anders Rasmussen affirmed this notion when he stated that NATO needed to reassess its relations with Russia (Gordon, 2014). Nonetheless, there is no consensus on how to deal with Russia, as it is still unclear about the scale of military intervention in Crimea. Gordon regularly writes on security issues on the Middle East, NATO and Russia, and the article affirms the growing uneasiness between Russia and NATO in the international stage as seen on different stances on international security matters from the Syrian War to annexation of Crimea.Erlanger, S. (2014, March, 18). Russian Aggression Puts NATO in Spotli...

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