Is sexual convergence a good thing for women?

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Research Is Sexual Convergence a Good Thing for Women? For society as a Whole?


Is sexual convergence a good thing for women?
For society as a whole?
Can you think of disadvantages of women`s sexuality becoming more like men`s?
Is there a value to a coupling of romantic love and intimacy with sex?
Student`s response: 
Of the many advances in society and the economy the converging roles of men and women have changed from courting, and dating shifted from women`s home to meeting in public places. During the courting phase it required nothing of the man to do but visit the woman at her home and be monitored by her parents in another room. The dating required the man to spend cash on the woman, in a sense of prostitution where he spent money to be able to spend time with the woman. During the rating-dating-mating phase was a time when the woman used the date as a way to increase her status. Then it went to going steady, talking, talking to, hanging out, seeing someone to hooking up and now friends with benefits. 
While I read the hook up that takes place on college campus, this to me sounded like a one night stand they referred to in the past. There may or may not be sex involved but you did not have to see the person again if you chose not to. 
I do think sexual convergence is a good thing for women if they meet at their own place and not at his place or at a public place. When this happens, the woman has a choice to ask him to leave if she thought things were not going the way she wanted them to go. The woman has the option of setting the tone as to how the evening will go and how the evening will end. She can ask him to leave at any time she feels uncomfortable and things are about to lead in another direction. She can also be prepared to have sex if she feels that is what she wants at the time. If she met at his place, she may not have this option as he may try to force her to stay. Then this will lead to complications of rape or his word against her word. He may say she knew what she was coming over his place for and what happened was mutual consent. But she may say otherwise, that he forced her to stay and would not allow her to leave. If she met at his place, she may be prepared to have sex with him but not be forced to have sex with him.
Men have been expected to be much more interested in casual sex than women; women have been perceived as having a greater investment in having children. Women are becoming more interested in casual sex than men and are now more sexually active.
As a society, the hookup phase or casual sex will only lead to women being alone as they get older. They will not have the experience of being with a mate to share their life experiences with. There are still many people that experience relationships, fall in love and get married, or just in relationships. I do not think that women should make out with someone they meet at a club, on Facebook, Tinder or any type of social media because that person could be a rapist or murderer. If the man has some type of disease then how will you know if you don`t get to know him first before you have sex with them. Women are not taking the time and effort to put into a serious relationship and they are becoming more like the men and not want to be limited to being with one man.
I do not think it is wrong to try to meet people in order to find out if they are the person you want to spend your time with. I think a person can go out, have fun, then decide if that person is right for them or not. If they are, then they can begin to spend more time together sharing intimacy, love and sex as they begin to spend more time together. 
What to write: tell what you agree with, if you have any questions or anything to add be my guest.


RESPONSE Student Name: Institution: Topic: Date; The relation between the male and female gender is a thing that is fraught now. The drastic erosion of the old patriarchal system has developed a great challeng


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