Aug 09, 2017

is most effective in combating white collar crime?

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White Collar Crime

Question 1. Research any law enforcement agency that investigates computer crimes. Provide a summary of the makeup of this unit, what types of cases it investigates, how they investigate their cases, etc. Be thorough and specific, and be sure to include the link to the agency`s website. Do not copy and paste the agency`s information; rather, summarize based upon your research. Question 2. You are an investigator assigned to resolving several allegations rose against Doctor Conroy. It is alleged that Dr. Conroy has over billed, and in some cases, double billed, his patients at the local nursing home. Also, you learn that there is possible insurance fraud at either the Medicaid and/or Medicare level, allegedly committed by Dr. Conroy at his practice. Please outline the investigative actions you`d take to resolve these allegations. Feel free to use any of the cases you`ve studied thus far to gain a sense of where to begin. Be thorough, and specific, and, of course, detailed! Question 3. List the differing law enforcement agencies that investigate white collar crime. Select two of these agencies and compare and/or contrast their perspectives in fighting white collar crime. Which agency, in your judgment, is most effective in combating white collar crime?
White Collar Crimes Name Institution White Collar Crimes Question One Law enforcement agency that investigates computer crimes Regional Electronics and Computer Investigations Task Force (RECI) There are a number of investigation agencies dealing with various crimes within and outside the country. RECI for instance, refers to a multi-jurisdictional working team set to effectively mark and indict computer or electronic-associated offenses. At present, RECI is comprised of examiners and Electronic Crime Analysts mainly from Hamilton County Sheriff`s Office as well as the Cincinnati Police Division. This team functions jointly with the county, local, federal, and state law execution bodies within the larger Cincinnati region (Pattavina, 2010). RECI examines telecommunication and computers crimes, offers forensic laboratory equipments, as well as working as a high-tech resource for law execution. RECI will help law implementation bodies within the investigation of any crime-entailing computer or electronic advancement, such as telecommunication fraud, hacking, child pornography, software piracy, counterfeiting, forgery, as well as cellular cloning. Furthermore, RECI will help in examining of any other unlawful work where computers may have been utilized to store or record data. The team has the ability of retrieving and obtaining data, which is often accessible by the computer, alongside the lost...

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