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is it just another attempt to make money by striking the moral or ethical chords of the audience and capitalizing on popular sentiment?

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Mythology and Film / Theater


The symbols that arise out of the myths come to life when we see them played out before our eyes either in the theater or, more likely, in film. We enjoy these stories just as our distant ancestors enjoyed them. Our ancestors probably put far more belief in the reality of the stories than we do, but we do not escape the impact of the underlying truths of the myths even though we proclaim ourselves "too educated" or "too enlightened." Choose one of the following films - including film productions of theatrical presentations - and discuss the mythic symbolism in a four -five page essay. Besides looking at the plot (do not spend more than 4 sentences on the plot of the movie!), consider the music score, the special effects, the choice of actors, and the expectations of the audience - making sure that you stay focused on the myths present in the film. While you are not limited to one myth, it is absolutely necessary that you make specific references to our readings. This essay will also allow you to compare and contrast different messages in our readings. You may also wish to consider how much of a "message" a film/production may carry and to what extent you think the film-makers intended any message. Or, is it just another attempt to make money by striking the moral or ethical chords of the audience and capitalizing on popular sentiment? This essay should convey what you have learned and the connections you have made. Outside references are not necessary but please use foot notes if citation is required. APA style preferred but consistent use of alternate styles is acceptable 3-5 pages 12 pt. font double –space. (Times or Times New Roman preferred) The following list needs updating! Please email me with newer titles and I will add them to the list. Clash of the Titans (1981 or 2010) 300 Beowulf How to Train your Dragon Percy Jackson and the Olynpians Lord of the Rings Stargate (movie or TV show) Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon House of Flying Daggers Ring of the Nibelungs The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Midsummer Night`s Dream The Water Horse Indiana Jones Jason and the Argonauts Return of Hanuman Legend of Rama Secret of Roan Inish Conan the Barbarian The 13th Warrior Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead Dark Crystal Neverending Story

Mythology and Film / TheaterName:Institution IntroductionThe movie 300 is based on a historical event that happened in 480 BC at the battle of Thermopylae. It depicts and entails the events that proceeded and followed this battle between the two opposing sides of the Greeks and the Persians. Critics disapprove the representation of the film declaring that it was an entertainment move instead of a film to uphold the mythical significance. When analyzed critically, some events seem to be off the original unfolding of the event. To start with, the film talks about 300-men soldier being able to stop a multitude of close to half a million Spartan soldiers. Historians and critics ascertain that the number of both sides was not as indicated. The Spartans in the actual battle had assistance from their ark neighboring enemies. Yes, these political factions of the Greeks had a past full of enmity and war, but at the time of war they merged together against a common enemy that was Persia. The actual number of the Opposes of the Persians was not 300 as claimed by the movie. It failed to mention and concentrate on the main point that it was a collision of more than that number. There were more than seven hundred thespians and more than four hundred Thebans. The next po...

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